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Resolved! Archiving from a very large journal mailbox

We've got a journal mailbox that has nearly 4.5 million items and is nearly 400GB on an Exchange 2007 server.  We targeted it in EV but never got anything in the archive. About 1/2 hour later, the mail server broke and was queueing all email, even th...

SHI-CRO by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! EV Centera Partition Clip size

Hi, Is there any way to find out for EV Centera Partition Clip size? We need to know all Clips over 250kb and how many are under 250kb? EV 10.0.1 ... Anything that we can use to find more information about EV clips that are written to Centea? Centera...

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! Moving EV Enabled user mailbox from one company to another

Hi  We want to Move 200 EV Enabled user mailboxes from another company to our company (we also using EV) Now the plan is to Disable Archiving on OLD EV Server. Export Archives to PST Then create new mailboxes in our Exchnage Server Import PSTs for EV...

ia01 by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Vault Cache does not download emails for most of the users

I have enabled vault cache for users in policy and configured it for few users on their client machine. After some time, disconnected the network cable to test if vaulted item can be opened but it fails. Do I need to schedule the sync from server sid...

jaj by Level 4
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Resolved! EVOM not updating from all EV Servers

When I look at my EVOM Console, some servers have metrics that are regularly updated and others have metrics that are about 4 days old. Any guidance on what would cause this?   TY!!  

Resolved! Index errors after upgrade to 10.0.3

Hi Upgrade of EV from 9.0.2 to 10.0.3 in microsoft cluster (active passive). Upgrade completed succesfully. Index administration task created with upgrade to all 32bit indexes. Upgrade is not working (stays inactive), but it looks like system is ...

Resolved! Cannot see a folder in Archive Explorer

Dear all, We have recently imported several PSTs for a customer into EV [10.0.3]. She is complaining that she cannot see the folder into which we imported the items. This folder is called "PST Archives". When I gave myself R/O access to her archive, ...

rasobey by Level 5
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Resolved! File Server archive behaviour ?

Hi, Can anyone please clarify if my understanding about the FSA agent is right or wrong: Suppose I have 500 MB .ISO file archived by EV FSA agent, when I recall it, the FSA agent pulls the file from the EV Vault Store partition, so this big file is n...

Resolved! How to get detailed EV item reports ?

Hi, I'd like to know about the following stuff in my current EV 9.0.4 R1: how much does the archived file in the EV ? how much does the mailbox archived size in EV ? how much / big does the orphaned files in the EV ? so that I know how much capacit...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault does not work on webmail(inote)

we are using ev v.10 with domino 8.5.2, the ev on lotus notes client looks fine, can store and restore message without any problem, however in the inote, the ev only works on storing message, when I restore the message it comes with an pop up in the ...