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Resolved! server migratiıon wizard problems

Hi, I am used server migration wizard in many customer EV environments. I seen many error in this wizard. 1 year before -Turkish character problem - it is fixed in new versions. and now last weekend i seen that if UAC is open VSA password is invalid,...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! FSA not checking all subdirectories

Probably a simple config error on my part, but its got me stumped I have set up FSA to archive an entire folder and it's subfolders. I have only one archive point and its at the top folder level and set for folders and subfolders. When I either run a...

Resolved! Stop creating Shortcuts

Sorry I am new to Enterprise vault and we have not fully implemented it.   We have only a few test users.    My Office wants to archive everything however they only want to delete emails from Exchange after 3 years.  They want the originals left in e...

Resolved! Missing EV client 10.0.2 tab

Hi all, we have upgraded our EV clients to version 10.0.2 and most of our Outlook 2010 users now don't see the EV tab -- even if the add-in is loaded (valkirye.dll) and the email messages have retained their grey vault icon in the readin pane. We tri...

Resolved! Error running Evort - Virtual Directory (Failed)

Hi, I have a distributed Exchange2007 SP3 CU8 environment running EV9.0.2. There are 2 Cas, 2 Hub, 2 mailbox servers and 2 Edge servers off in the dmz. EV to the Outlook client (Outlook2010) works without issue, but I can’t get EV to work with OWA. I...

Resolved! Outlook 2010 searching with Vault Cache and no Virtual Vault

I have a quick question about searching for archived items when using Vault cache but not virtual vault. I have a customer who is going from Outlook 2003 to 2010 and WIndows XP to Windows 7 and there appears to be a change in the way things work in E...

SolarP by Level 6
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Resolved! Safety copies not being deleted on full backup

We recently upgraded from EV9 to EV10, and I just started noticing that our safety copies are not being deleted on full backup. I have only had 2 or 3 full backups since the upgrade so I am not sure if its been broken since the upgrade, or broke afte...

Nate_D1 by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault Expiration process

We currently use Managed folders in exchange, let me be clear not Exchange manged folders but folders that we created through a utility that we then use EVPM to set a retention period on. We have setup the Managed folder utility so that it will creat...

LanceChase by Level 4
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Resolved! Cleanup EV 10 Audit Database

Hi, Is there any proper procedure to cleanup old entries from EV Audit Database? Currently the DB has become about 30GB over time, want to reduce the size. Can we delete old entries say older than 6 months for example? Many Thanks

ia01 by Level 6
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Resolved! move vault to another machine

Hi;   We have an EV server installed on windows 2003 server and the version is 9.0.1. Sql also installed on the same machine We want to move it to a new windows 2008 server and also want to upgrade the version of ev to 10.0.2 Is the following steps a...

cemileba_ak by Level 3
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Resolved! Maximum Mailbox in Vault

Hi,   We have targeted entire exchange organization to the Test Provisioning group & to the default provisioning group we have added Distribution list which has around 43 K users.                 Most of the users who has access to multiple mailboxes...

Resolved! EV 10.0.2 Indexing processing 500 items an hour

Hi, I installed EV10.0.2 for Lotus Domino recently and everything seemed to work OK until we tried to search some items: Indexing engine has archived 120,000 items when EV has archived 800,000+ items so far. I checked the behaviour and noticed that e...

Resolved! Mobile Search in the DMZ

The documentation for Enterprise Vault Mobile Search says that it is recommended to install the server in the intranet and apply a reverse proxy in the DMZ to facilitate outside connections.    My problem is that my customer doesn't think this is ver...

Mark_Tkachyk by Level 3
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Resolved! Need advice on which client version is best please ...

Hello, We've recently upgraded from EV 8.0SP5 to Just creating the image for new Win7 64-bit workstations with Outlook 2010 32-bit and the EV http-only v9.0.9377 add-in. Can someone please confirm the "best" version of the client add-in t...

BruGuy by Level 6
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Resolved! EV Reporting on SQL cluster

Hi   I have a EV reporting services installed on a stand alone SQL server. The customer would like to move the DB to a default MSSQL instance dedicated to EV with the default name.   Anyone know if this is supported? as I know that EV reporting servi...

Resolved! EV FSA License

EV FSA Licensing is based on How much source data you have archived? Correct? What is we are slightly over the license limit and then we decided to expire some items or Collect and Migrate some items to take down the archived items to license limit. ...

ia01 by Level 6
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