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Resolved! SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1 Customization.

I'm doing some testing for an envronment where I need to selectively apply the SVA account permissions on a per server, per database basis. I understand that I can specify per server with the -server switch when ran remotely, does anyone have any tho...

moakita by Not applicable
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Unable to enable user

  Hi All, We are unable to enable a user for archiving. We add the user to the provisioning group and when we run the provisioning group it registers the users mailbox as a Journal Mailbox. Therefore when we try to enable the user for Archiving he is...

VictorPrata by Level 3
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Resolved! Relocating Partition Store

Hello, I wonder if anyone seeing this problem and have a solution for it. Recently I had to create a temporary new opened partition for our EV mailbox vault store and then a few days later when I was given a new bigger drive/store I moved this new te...

EVRocks by Level 5
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I am having Errors

Hi Tony, After 5 hours of exporting I am having the below errors: (its stopping the EV services automatically and only happening with the users who have more then 60,000 emails to export) --------------------------------------- => The archives liste...

Nysoh by Level 5
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Resolved! How to remove FSA

Hi Historically we have been using EV8 for FSA but due to changes in disk management and availability we would like to ingest the archived data back into a new volume on another server and then decommission the vault server. Are there any steps to do...

Resolved! seperate Journaling and archiving to 2 ev servers

Never done it before, so I ask to make sure: I have a customer who installed 1 EV server with both Mailbox archiving and Journaling task on it. What will be the best steps to add another EV server and move the journaling task to it? Is there a tech...

Resolved! Running out of drive letters in EV server ?

Hi People, My current EV server 8.0 SP4 is seems to running out of drive space with just drive A: and B: available, the rest is consumed / used by the Indexer Volume and also Vault drives. I do archiving for both my Email Server and File Servers (mul...

Resolved! Retention Policy & Compliance

Hello This forum is in continuation of below forum posted: I am trying to implement a retention policy such that emails which're older than 12 months ...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Need to free up Exchange Server mailbox database size ?

Hi Experts, I got Exchange Server mailbox database disk that is 99% full with just less than 3 GB left, so I wonder what can Enterprise Vault v8.0 SP4 do to free up some disk space ? Do I just change the archive period policy of the email into just 3...

Resolved! Duplicate Messages

I'm having an issue with some users in the Enterprise Vault archive explorer, duplicate e-mail messages are showing up. Does anyone know what the cause of this is, and how to quickly search for and delete all duplicates?   We have 2 exchange 2003 se...

Resolved! EV9 - OL2010 - shared folder setting

Hello all, Does anyone know: In the desktop policy, advanced, you have this setting to ' Allow script in shared folder'. I have that set to Force On. I have reports of users having a secondary mailbox, and they cannot open items from that mailbox. Wh...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! upgrade to exchange 2010 sp2 - EV Owa integration ?

Hi guys,   atm i have exchange 2010 sp1 deployed with EV 10.0 . i have installed Owa Extension and all work ok. i need to install now sp2 of exchange  . At the end of the installation, ( 3 cas server + 3 mbox server ) , i need to reinstall the Enterp...

Resolved! Indexing Service will not start

I notice the Indexing servics for one of our EV mailbox servers will not start.  IThe error is below.  I have tried to reboot and I check the drives accessibility and space.  Everything looks normal.  Here are the errors I am seeing in the event view...

Resolved! DR for MSCS

All - We are trying to come up with a DR solution for our production EV Cluster (2 + 1) site with Exchange 2010. Our SLA affords us to manually fail over. We have Site A -     ServerA - Journaling Server     ServerB - Archiving Server      ServerC - ...