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locking error CEVMAPILIEModeLock may causes archive task not running

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my EV Server 12.0.1 on Win 2012 R2 was really calm regarding alerts, but mailbox archiving task couldn't ever run.

I always receive "Exchange Mailbox Task could not begin processing the Exchange Server" on Administrative Console.

In dtrace for archivetask I had not one really unsuccesfull tag. Maybe this:

{CEVMAPILieModeLock::AcquireExclusiveLock:#41} Trying to acquire lock.


Now I restarted all the tasks and I have errors this event ids (7206, 2256, 3460:


A locking error has occurred in CEVMAPILieModeLock : 0x102

Internal reference: STWL Write Mutex CMailboxHelper::CreateProfileAndSessionAndOpenMailbox


The Archiving Task 'Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for WSLKV313EXT2' could not be started due to startup errors.


The Task 'Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for WSLKV313EXT2' failed to log on to Exchange server 'WSLKV313EXT2' using mailbox 'SMTP:ev-sysmailbox@vex13.test.local'. Check that the mailbox has not been hidden, that the server is running and that the vault service account has sufficient permissions on the server.

Enterprise Vault used the following settings for the Outlook Anywhere connection to Exchange 2013 or later:

Proxy server: 'wslkv313ext2.vex13.test.local'

Requires SSL: 'True'

Certificate principal: 'wslkv313ext2.vex13.test.local'

If these settings are correct, check that the servers are responding.


The settings in 3460 are correct. Outlook 2013 SP1 can connect.

Maybe someone has a idea - would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance





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sorry, forgot to mention i receive this alert in dtrace too

{ExchangeConnectionPointInformation::IsValid:#65} Invalid Exchange connection point information, proxy server name [], certificate principal name [] and authentication [0x1]


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I assume that when you logon to thge EV server as the EV service account you can open outlook and connect to the exchange server etc. and Outlook opens fine and load the EV service account's mailbox ok?

Try the old school way - On the EV server logged in as the EV service account, but create an outlook profile and then use the details of the system mailbox ev-sysmailbox@vex13.test.local, can you open outlook then? It should open without asking for username and password or anything.

Is your Exchange server an all in one i.e. CAS-MBX roles in one? Also make sure that all the Office 2013 SP1 (32 bit) updates are installed.

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Can you check your configuration by using the deployment scanner to check your connections?

I assume you have problems with the MAPI connection, which is used to communicate with exchange.

Also check the Enterprise Vault Compatibilty Chart for availably hotfixes of your config.

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Deployment Scanner resulted only some warnings - none kind of outlook profile / version.

At the first sight compatability chart ( ) seems clear.

But I will check it again next week.

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Is 'wslkv313ext2.vex13.test.local' the fqdn of CAS server or loadbalancer/CAS array?

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Hi Manideep, it is the FQDN of EX2013 MultiRole Server (CAS too). Best regards, Felix.

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@evadmin: right! also with ev-sysmailbox mailprofile. Interesting thing is, that I have severall EV_00000000 - EV_00..12 MAPI Profiles.

If I start EV_00000000 I receive an certificate error "name of security certificate is non-valid". But I can start these other MAPI Profiles, till I replace and copy them to EV_00000000.

Then I receive the same error too, for the same hard encoded EV_00000000 MAPI Profile. My Outlook 2013 SP1 is brand new with Build 15.0.4832.1000


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Are you able to create outlook profile for ev-sysmailbox@vex13.test.local using auto-discover and also open the user's mailbox on Outlook?

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yes, that is possible! But not with the EV12 default auto created profile EV_00000000. Maybe this is the issue.

I don't know which MAPI Mail profile will be first choice of EV 12, but fact is EV_00000000 won't work. EV_00000008 and so on are working, but not after renaming it to EV_00000000