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Norton 360 5.0 question

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Recently installed Norton 360. 5.0 put a 'secure search' toolbar on my internet homepage. (It also put an add-on in my Outlook that had a conflict and the Microsoft program prompted that it needed to be disabled.)

I was going to close this toolbar/add-on and just use my regular search area.  When I went to close it (the X) it warned:   Related add-ons that will also be disabled:  Symantec NCO BHO

I don't know what these stand for to make a more informed decision...

Q:  What are:  NCO and BHO?  One post seems to say that BHO stands for browser help objects  

Q: I'm wondering if this is necessary to leave enabled or can I close it without really affecting my Norton 360 5.0 protection?



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I believe NCO is the component for Norton Confidential, used to protect you from identity theft and phishing attacks. Yes, BHO does stands for Browser helper Object.

Please visit the Norton Community for Norton Product questions, as this forum is for Enterprise product support.




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I'm sorry, that it has to come to this. I've tried calling several phone numbers, can not reach a live human,

there's not even a promt/option to talk to a live human, Tried the "Ask jerrod" or jason or whatever that customer support thingy is...NO HELP THERE, also did the live chat session, chatted to three different people there...(they kept "passing the buck" as it were) very little help there, all they could do was offer the phone numbers that did NOTHING!!! So, perhaps, someone here can make sence of what I'm dealing with?

I currently run NORTON 360 v. subscription is due to expire in 6 days, o.k. In order to save as much as I can, (in this economy) I decided to stick with NORTON for another year. So the price varies, depending on where you shop...(I swear this leads to my problem eventually) I could buy it out right for $80.00. then I found it for $40.00 on the Symantec web site, but this was just a RENEWAL. O.K. what I ended up doing is

repurchasing v. 5.0 at "FRY'S" my local electronics store. Because the advertised price was $60.00 with...

here's the good part...two rebates, one out right for $25.00 AND one for "upgrading" for another $20.00

which would make my final cost $15.00. So. According to the rebate instructions, which you need to follow TO THE says to mail each rebate in a seperate envolope...ok, no biggy...but reading on (in the instructions) they BOTH want the "original" UPC symbol. I'm no magician, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT??? Oh, and if your thinking...I'm only entitled to ONE rebate...then why was it advertised with 2???

So, it's not that big of a deal, and surely the world will continue to spin, but I guess my overall question is Can I get both rebates, being it was advertised that way??? and how do I do it? thank you for reading.

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I had my computer overhalled and now I do not have Norton 360. installed.   Can I reinstall it without paying again.

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@ Tony,

Yes, you can reinstall the product without paying as long as the license has not expired.

See this thread in the Norton Forums for more info.

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