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Veritas InfoScale 7.0: Configuring I/O fencing

Level 4

I/O fencing protects the data on shared disks when nodes in a cluster detect a change in the cluster membership that indicates a split-brain condition. In a partitioned cluster, a split-brain condition occurs where one side of the partition thinks the other side is down and takes over its resources. When you install Veritas InfoScale Enterprise, the installer installs the I/O fencing driver, which is part of the VRTSvxfen package. After you install and configure the product, you must configure I/O fencing so that it can protect your data on shared disks.

You can configure disk-based I/O fencing, server-based I/O fencing, or majority-based I/O fencing. Before you configure I/O fencing, make sure that you meet the I/O fencing requirements.

After you meet the requirements, you can refer to About planning to configure I/O fencing to perform the preparatory tasks and then configure I/O fencing.

For more details about I/O fencing configuration, see:

Cluster Server Configuration and Upgrade Guide

InfoScale documentation for other platforms can be found on the SORT website.