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Optimize Datacenter Performance at Your Fingertips

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Over the last several years, the rapid diversification of resources comprising the datacenter has caused the complexity of the average IT structure to increase drastically. The days of exclusively on-prem datacenters are passed, as the adoption of the hybrid cloud and cloud resources has proven to be the most flexible and cost-effective way to structure IT resources. Unfortunately, the reality is that, despite this flexibility and cost-effectiveness, hybrid IT environments tend to operate far from peak efficiency, needlessly wasting both money and countless opportunities to take advantage of every resource at your disposal.

Decentralized datacenters, while adaptable, face a set of problems that are historically very difficult to deal with. From unprotected data to the increased time spent on compliance reporting to orphaned resources that are owned but unused, the average datacenter, while more advanced, is less efficient than ever. These problems are what Veritas APTARE IT Analytics is designed to eliminate.

Improve Operational Efficiency, Mitigate Risk, Bolster Performance

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics is equipped with a powerful agentless data collector that centralizes and correlates data from across cloud, on-prem, and international on-prem into a single dashboard, immediately putting all of your IT resources at your fingertips. From this dashboard, you can systematically resolve issues, both known and revealed by APTARE, ultimately working toward complete operational efficiency. 

Upon correlating the data that makes up your IT structure, APTARE shows aggregated, high-level reporting that can be drilled down to a detailed view, showing each and every data point, giving you the power to make both high-level and fine-point decisions. APTARE can also be used to capture historical information and showcase trends, which is useful for finding resolutions to recurring issues or demonstrating progress.

With APTARE, you have the power to optimize the entirety of your datacenter, regardless of where it resides. 

Watch the video below to learn more about how APTARE can be used to optimize datacenters.