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The Enterprise March 2017 release is here!

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Veritas Enterprise Vault.cloudTM March 2017 quarterly release. This release builds on Veritas commitment to 360 data management by:

  • Introducing support for Google G suite Enterprise Gmail
  • Expanding search functionality to natively search content created in Japanese
  • Broadening our coverage of Microsoft Office 365 content

With this release, we are delivering the updates and new features you have asked us for:

Google G Suite Gmail archiving as announced on March 7th, Enterprise now archives messages from Google G Suite, providing advanced compliance and legal discovery functionality to customers adopting Google G Suite Enterprise. Learn more about our Google integration here.

Folder Sync for Office 365 – you can now synchronize your Office 365 mailbox folder structure for end users in their personal archive. This feature will empower your end users to easily find archived emails in their personal archive email.

Expanded Japanese language support – you now have the option to run native searches (including 2-letter searches, wild card searches etc) in Japanese.  All 4 major Japanese scripts (Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana and Romaji) are now supported.

Archive Migrator 1.2 – seamlessly migrate your archives from all supported versions of Enterprise Vault on premise to Enterprise, including large archives. The previous restriction on the export of Enterprise Vault 9.0.5 and 10.0.4 archives larger than 2.0 TB has been removed!

Office 365 Sync - the Administration interface workflow for configuring and using Office 365 Sync has been enhanced.

This release will be available to all current customers worldwide on Friday March 31st (using your existing login credentials). Learn more about this release and Veritas Enterprise here.


Blog by: Ankit Agarwal