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Veritas Leads with Compliance Readiness and Responsiveness

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These are unprecedented times and enterprises are facing challenges to safely navigate during these circumstances. The pandemic is having far-reaching effects—from global health to the economy. The concerns are growing—from individual data to business data. It could be a lack of data hygiene in the reporting of data for COVID-19 or a lack of federal guidelines resulting in states reporting their COVID-19 data differently or businesses being at risk with ransomware. Data is taking the center stage in all this.

  1. Ransomware - “Data Security is a fight that both IT and users have to be invested in together,” says IATAM President Dr. Barbara Rembiesa in an article on lockdowns causing a spike in data breaches and also indicating too many organizations have left themselves wide open for attack. A recently published report by Corvus states that ransomware attacks on healthcare providers increased by 350% in Q4, 2019 and the threat of it increasing in 2020 is higher.
  2. Dark Data - Even though CCPA went into effect on the 1st of January 2020, enforcements did not start until the 1st of July 2020. Organizations are still struggling to prepare for this regulation. One of the reasons attributed to the complexity is around visibility and the unknown value in data termed as dark data.
  3. Covid-19 and Privacy - Data Protection Acts globally are either adding guidance to the existing regulations or are planning to introduce new data privacy bills, like the United States with the  “COVID-19 Consumer Data Protection Act”

With the Enterprise Data Services Platform, Veritas is helping organizations to sail through each of these problems. It is built on proven, modern, and integrated technology that brings together availability, protection, and insights. Veritas’ Data Insight provides compliance readiness and responsiveness at a lower cost to address the concerns arising from privacy, ransomware, and visibility. Our Customers and partners believe in the product and Gartner has named Veritas Data Insight under the Peer Insights “Customer Choice” for File Analysis Software.

  • As the regulations like GDPR are already written into law, the time to respond to Data Subject Access Requests remain unchanged even during the pandemic. However, guidance provided by the authorities in responding to the requests will certainly help. The embedded Veritas Information Classifier provides over 125 preconfigured policies with over 700 patterns and can customize any policy or tag based on the organization's needs. Be it any new privacy regulation, new industry-specific regulation or evolving regulation can easily be managed by the Veritas Information Classifier. Veritas Data Insight can help organizations to gain visibility inside their data faster with classification.
  • Veritas Data Insight has increased the detection of known ransomware files multi-fold. This provides the ability to not only find but also minimize the spread of it.
  • Top class security-related features help customers identifying not only who has access to sensitive data but also provide advanced analytics on inferred ownership and risk for effective risk-based analysis and remediation.

Veritas can help not only in protecting against the ransomware but also protecting valuable company data whilst being able to quickly respond to regulatory requests as and when needed. During these challenging times, it is more important than before to be focusing on privacy and adhering to the regulations as it is easy to lose control or focus. As Data Insight goes beyond providing visibility with actionable insights, organizations can safely regain control of their data.


Contact your Veritas account manager to schedule a demo and see for yourself how Data Insight can help navigate your organization through these evolving data challenges.