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The Veritas Insights blog brings the latest news and views about how to gain visibility into your data, storage, and backup infrastructure to take control of data associated risks.

Blog Articles

Opportunities in eDiscovery with Veritas

Today, we are surrounded by data. With the increase of data-generating devices, sensors, and software, the amount of data stored by organizations is growing exponentially. We all use connected, integr...


Veritas Information Studio: a technical deep dive

With Information Studio, Veritas provides IT professionals a tool to easily identify specific details about data and the information it contains, pinpointing areas of risk, waste, and potential value....


Data Center Optimization Initiative Redux

In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare asks, “What’s in a name?” Juliet goes on to say, “That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.” Simply stated, a word alone does not define a ro...


Next steps for the federal data strategy

By now, we’ve all heard how the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) sets bold goals for IT modernization. A vital element of the PMA is the creation of a Federal Data Strategy. This is a wise choice. ...


Defining software-defined modernization

One of the things I always found challenging as a CIO was keeping up with new terms introduced to the market. I sat in numerous meetings where vendors described their products as “hyper converged,” “d...


Leadership lessons from The Boss

I recently attended Springsteen on Broadway. I’m a NJ native and a longtime fan, so it was an amazing experience to see Bruce in an intimate setting and hear him sing the songs that defined important ...


Do you know your leadership blind spots?

A few years ago, Donald Rumsfeld famously talked about “unknown unknowns.” His quote was in response to a question about the Iraq war. Although viewed positively today, his words initially provoked a ...