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Duplication job never finishes running

Level 2

Running 2x NB 5220 (48 TB each) @ v. All is well except for one job I'm trying to replicate from our master to the media server. Job size is about 1.6 TB. Everything appears normal,job details show writes occurring, job status hits 100%. Last entry in details is ' Creating OPT_DUP_END marker'.

Progress stops at this point. In Activity Monitor, job shows with an Operation of 'Mounting'. I left the last one running to see if it would free up, made it to 287 hours before a power failure at the remote site killed the job this weekend. Retried again today for troubleshooting.

Looked at the current bpdm log on the media server, last entry for this job is:

 11:02:30.201 [14172] <2> construct_sts_isid: master_server uh-nb-1, client, backup_time 1420034694, copy_number 2, stream_number 0, fragment_number 0, resume_number 34, spl_name NULL

Again, all other duplication jobs are running fine, it's just this big one givieng me trouble.

Anyone have ideas where I should look next?



Level 6
Employee Accredited

Replication and pdplugin logs would be what you want to look at. This could be a known bug though. In that case you would need to open a support case to determine that.

Level 3

Hi Is this issue solve ? we have been facing the same issue , but its intermittent . If yes then can you please share the solution

Level 2

As it turns out, it is. I killed the job and cleand the image, and reran the backup. It just took a REALLY long time to finish.... around 200 hours. Fortunately it was an archival backup of a system that we'd only ever need read access to..




Level 2

Just ended up killing the job and rerunning the orignal backup. As it turns out, the job just  took a REALLY long time. 200+ hours to complete. Fortunately only need one-time backup of that system.


Level 3
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Good morning,

I am having the same issue here intermittently accross mutlitple envrionments.

Does anyone know if this is a confrimed bug or what is causing this?