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How to apply the EEB on the Veritas Flex Appliance 5430

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I am new to the Veritas Flex Appliance 5430. It is configured as Media Server.  The Appliance version is 3.2 now.   Would you please tell me how to apply the EEB on the Veritas Flex Appliance 5430?   Thanks in advance.

I have only the admin account credentials of this Flex Appliance 5430.  And I noticed that its web console(https://<appliance mgmt IP>) can not be opened thru the Chrome browser.  It's weird. 



Level 3


Just to confirm,  which file(EEB) is used for Veritas Flex Appliance 5430 as the screenshot shown below? Thanks.

One is for NBA Appliance. What is it used for? 

Veritas Flex Appliance 5430 EEB.jpg

Level 3

Sorry, my typo. It's Veritas Flex Appliance 5340, NOT 5430.

Level 4

What version of Flex are you on? The method for installing it varies if you're on Flex 1.3 vs. 1.1/1.2.

Either way, you're going to need to be able to access the web console for the appliance to install an EEB. Try using Firefox/Edge/IE. Once you're able to access the console, upload the EEB to Settings > Repository > Add image. Once you've done this, the steps vary depending on what version of Flex you have. 

Please check and let us know what version of Flex you're on. If it's not 1.3, I'd recommend upgrading to Flex 1.3 before applying the EEB (if possible). Pre-1.3 EEB installation requires quite a few additional steps that could cause misconfigurations if not performed correctly, while 1.3 allows it to be done entirely from the web console.