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NetBackup IT Analytics - Changing license

Level 1

Hello community,

I have a question regarding the change of the license on an IT Analytics Portal.

We deployed it using a trial license (Complete Suite) and installed Oracle normally using the itanalytics_dbinstaller_193000-01_SE2_linux_11200 image. And the NITA version we deployed is 11.2.

Now, after deployment completion we are trying to switch to the customer's license which is the Foundation one, coming with NetBackup Enterprise. However, we are encountering an error:


I know that with NITA Foundation, the customer needs to manage the Oracle license himself. However, is this only a matter of adding an Oracle license and only then to try and change the NITA license? Or is it something more complex?

Thank you.


Level 3

There is a one-time configuration change that is needed on the portal to change it from a standard (Veritas-provided Oracle license) to a shared services (customer-provided Oracle license).   Contact your Veritas SE for guidance, or contact me via email at  and we'll set up an appointment.  

Actual change requires console access to the portal server, and the ability to connect to the database as SYSDBA.  After the portal changes are made, we'll remove the standard license, and then install your Shared Service license.