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Exchange 2010 DAG Backup slow

Level 4

Hi All,

This has been discussed on this forum before and i have read the posts, i would just like to ask the forum for their opinion on what is happening in our environment.

I am currently testing backing up Exchange 2010 DAG backups and it takes 25 minutes to backup 5 GB - there is a lag between snapshot creation and backup data being written.

on checking Veritas\NetBackup\online_util\fi_cntl - for 12 mailbox databases totaling 5GB, over 600 metadata files are being created - as i understand it, these metadatafiles are created to correspond to every log file that is in Exchange, and the snapshot is not created until these files have been created. This is the point that seems to take the time. Is there a way of speeding up this process?

Our environment:
windows server 2008 R2 master/media/client
NetBAckup master/media/client

we are backing up passive copies from a preferred server list containing 2 x servers - non GRT

we are using multiplexing = 8 and so on the policy have set the 'limit jobs per policy' to 8


i have disabled the database consistency check in the Exchange attributes for each client

i found this tech note [] regarding Exchange 2010 DAG Backup slow on client, however according to the technote this was resolved in [which is the version we are running]  I plan to downgrade the client to 7.1 and test to see if the time to back up improves and will post the results

I find it hard to believe that 25 mins to back up 5 GB is normal behaviour, and our estimated amount of total data for Exchange is expected to reach around 15 TB!

Any advice would be appreciated