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NetBackup PureDisk

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Hi All. I am creating the pure disk deduplication pool.   When i run the  Storage server wizard, I select pure disk deduplication pool. Next and then i select the pur disk server. Next.but after that no volume name comes up on the console. This...

Arun_K by Level 6
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Resolved! crcontrol command details

Hello All. We have a backup solution based on two W2008R2 servers running NetBackup 7.0.1 with MSDP feature. We have a critical mistake in build (wrong drive used for MSDP DB) and we are looking the way to sort it out. Symantec support denied us. ...

Store the Contents on the Content Routers

Hello, Could you please help us to resolve below issue. Store the Contents on the Content Routers : tx: could not be stored (Error while processing \\?\D:\Groups\CRED_PORTFOLIO_IS_09919\CCM\cpis\SOx Production\2014 Projects\CPIS Presentation\SOx P...

Spool and Spad are not starting -2106

Hello,   I'm seeing one of my disk down going under the follow error in the OS (linux):  ./spad --trace Error: 25002: BadValue : (none) File     : /etc/pdregistry.cfg Section  : Symantec/PureDisk/ContentRouter Entry    : ConfigFilePath Reaso...

Luiz_Prina by Level 4
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Resolved! Puredisk client local password change ?

Hi, new to PD, can anyone tell me if a change to the local admin credential on a PD client will impact the backups of that client ? Is the local admin PW/credential used/stored anywhere in PD or will it just continue happily ?

Restaurar copias de seguridad para windows 7

Hola, necesito ayuda sobre que pestañas hay que marcar en c: y en la prtición de 100MB que tiene windows 7 a la hora de resturar, las pestañas son resturar el registro de arranque maestro, resturar firma de disco original y activar unidad(para arranc...

SLP Duplication Behaviour

Master Server ( nbu01 ) Windows 2008 NetBackup Master Media Server ( nbu02 ) Window 2008 NetBackup Media MSDP with puredisk  Setup storage server load balancing for dedupe pool  nbu01 and nbu02 setup SLP backup to disk then d...

Resolved! agent.cfg and pd.conf

Geeks !   I am very mucg confused about the functioning and usage of agent.cfg and pdf.conf file. Which one should i use to limit the bandwidth.   I gotta limit the bandwidth for duplication to 5MB/sec.   How should i proceed ?   Thanks, Pr...

PranavB by Level 4
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Backup for File server

We have one Windows 2008 R2 - file server ( this is used for providing shared storage folder to users ). Required backup for this server. Purchased Netbackup version and configured Widnows master server. Available 2 TB storage EMC - NAS.  T...

Tekkali by Level 4
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Resolved! Images Not expiring off Disk Netbackup 7.6

Hello I have noticed that one of our PureDiskVolume deduplication disks has filled up (above 95% water mark). I have expired some old images that are no longer required, I have done this but the space has not been cleaned up. I understand there is a...

PureDisk Login Error

Hi, We are not able to login to PureDisk. We get the following error message at the login screen   ; nested exception is: Operation Failed    This w...

AnyKey by Not applicable
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NBU Puredisk

How to configure puredisk pls provide steps on windows servers

Resolved! How to restore MSDP master/media server after disaster

Hello, This is my first post.    We have two NetBackup 7.0.1 servers. Both W2008R2 ent. Both VMs. We use MSDP feature. Both servers have 10Tb drives to hold images.   Catalog backup jobs are configured. Key file is copied over the network to an...

Exchange 2010 DAG Backup slow

Hi All, This has been discussed on this forum before and i have read the posts, i would just like to ask the forum for their opinion on what is happening in our environment. I am currently testing backing up Exchange 2010 DAG backups and it takes 2...

Resolved! Policy Tipe

Hi,    i've this problem....on my system i've configured 2 tape library (1 have lto2 and the other run lto4) and now i would like have a policy first run on disk pool then pass the backup on tape.   Can I do this? How can i create that policies?...

Netbackup Appliances 5230 with PureDisk: How many streams?

Hi all, We recently migrated to Netbackup Appliances running Netbackup (Appliance version ) We are running 2 appliances per site, each site is its own NBU domain (We use AIR to replicate). Each appliance is configured with a 70TB Pure...

NetBackup SQL Agent

Hi Can anyone tell me if the NetBackup SQL agent supports database partitioning? Many thanks Tracy