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Resolved! Expire unwanted images

Hi, Please provide me with steps where I Can expire few images (very old and not needed) and reclaim their space on a PureDisk? Thanks in advance,    

Resolved! PureDisk Agent for Windows uninstallation fails.

Hi all,   I have a customer with a Win2003 64 bits server which has PDagent 6.6.x installed, Trying to uninstall it, using remove programs from Control Panel, it asks for the .msi package. It refers to a users folder which does not exist anymore. ...

heinkel by Level 3
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Resolved! Max size for ddup storage

Hi I am in th process of removing the tape backups from my enivroment. I backup 12tb on a single month end. I am planning to put in 250tb of disk in a Puredisk pool. I run 7.6.1 on a 2012r2 server. I am not clear if i will be able to use the full ...

Resolved! postgresql corrupted

Goodmorning,   After a crash of my server the netbackup deduplication engine does't start. I found this in postgresql logs: 2014-09-18 08:20:48 CEST LOG:  database system was interrupted while in recovery at 2014-09-17 16:50:14 CEST 2014-09-18 0...


Hello All, As part of troubleshooting in pure disk environment for systems state failures. how to check that for windows 2003/2008 R1 or R2 clients have latest VSShotfix or how to check the server require latest vsshot fix. Please let me know

Anil_B by Level 4
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System state failures in pure disk

Hello All, it was windows 2008 r1 Client backup is failing with system state(completing with 64%), and getting below errors. Error: 2: resource child process: snapshot required but there is nothing to snap: no such object Error: 2: name process: u...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Pure disk reinstallation

Hello Experts, while reinstaling the pure disk client s/w on existing host(agent id:23), what happens if we reinstall the pure disk s/w with different agent ID(agent id 42). How the PD SPA will consider?

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Puredisk server Catalog restore

So let's say I have a local master server "master1" and a local media server "media1" and a remote media server (DR) "remotemedia1".  I currently have both "media1" and "remotemedia1" set up as puredisk server with MSDP.  So when I do catalog backu...

Resolved! crcontrol command details

Hello All. We have a backup solution based on two W2008R2 servers running NetBackup 7.0.1 with MSDP feature. We have a critical mistake in build (wrong drive used for MSDP DB) and we are looking the way to sort it out. Symantec support denied us. ...

SLP Duplication Behaviour

Master Server ( nbu01 ) Windows 2008 NetBackup Master Media Server ( nbu02 ) Window 2008 NetBackup Media MSDP with puredisk  Setup storage server load balancing for dedupe pool  nbu01 and nbu02 setup SLP backup to disk then d...

Backup for File server

We have one Windows 2008 R2 - file server ( this is used for providing shared storage folder to users ). Required backup for this server. Purchased Netbackup version and configured Widnows master server. Available 2 TB storage EMC - NAS.  T...

Tekkali by Level 4
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Resolved! Images Not expiring off Disk Netbackup 7.6

Hello I have noticed that one of our PureDiskVolume deduplication disks has filled up (above 95% water mark). I have expired some old images that are no longer required, I have done this but the space has not been cleaned up. I understand there is a...

NBU Puredisk

How to configure puredisk pls provide steps on windows servers

Resolved! How to restore MSDP master/media server after disaster

Hello, This is my first post.    We have two NetBackup 7.0.1 servers. Both W2008R2 ent. Both VMs. We use MSDP feature. Both servers have 10Tb drives to hold images.   Catalog backup jobs are configured. Key file is copied over the network to an...

Exchange 2010 DAG Backup slow

Hi All, This has been discussed on this forum before and i have read the posts, i would just like to ask the forum for their opinion on what is happening in our environment. I am currently testing backing up Exchange 2010 DAG backups and it takes 2...

Resolved! Policy Tipe

Hi,    i've this problem....on my system i've configured 2 tape library (1 have lto2 and the other run lto4) and now i would like have a policy first run on disk pool then pass the backup on tape.   Can I do this? How can i create that policies?...

NetBackup SQL Agent

Hi Can anyone tell me if the NetBackup SQL agent supports database partitioning? Many thanks Tracy

Systemstate restores failed with media error

Hi Friends,   I have tired the Systemstate restore from Basic disk & MSDP  for Windows 2008 & 2003. Both are failed with media read error 85. Ran the image verification, it got successful. But not able to restore successfully. Master server NBU 7.1.0...

Nicenavin by Level 4
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Bpexpdate query

Hi all, i am running the bpexpdate command using - bpexpdate -backupid svr-server_1391110193 -d 02/16/2014 17:30:00 -copy 1 -force i get no error when running this command however when i use the command - bpimagelist -U -backupid svr-server_139111019...