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Symantec Enterprise Vault archival solution ?

Level 6
Hi, I'd like to know if Symantec got an appliance solution for storing enterprise vault data ? Preferably with compression or data dedupe capability. Because at the moment my EV is running out of drive letters and no more disk space can be added into it with drive letters.

Level 6

Hi John


Probably not the correct forum for this. I'd try post in


But, in our organisation we have vaults on a Network share rather than a drive letter.

We point the vaults to a Network Path and then add extra paths as we need them


\\network\path\ev\vault1 <- 5TB backend

\\network\path\ev\vault2 <- 5TB backend

as this is a DFS path we are able to change it at any time when we migrate our storage

in reality vault1 in on one of our Netapps but we could copy it else where then just update the dfs path and EV would be fine

vault2 could be on a totally different filer and ev wouldnt care as long as it can access the path and has full control over it

if you needed to map it ro a drive you could do something like N:\path\vault1 N:\path\vault2

Our Netapp volumes are deduped but the rate is really low on ev objects and depending on what version of EV your running, EV does Single Instancing anyway (So effectively deduped) and its pointless putting on a deduped volume.

Hope this helps.