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Self Service and emails......

Level 2



Netbackup SelfService service 7.7 build 8.3.5648.26128
Veritas Netbackup Console 8.0 build 0165
both are running in Windows 2008 r2 Datacenter

Is NetBackup Self Service capable of sending emails for backup completion/failure etc?

Is it supported?

I can see that the smtp configuration page exists, admin > check configuration > emails, but there seems to be some confusion over whether Veritas supports this or not.





Level 5

Hi Simon,

NSS can only track jobs that originate from NSS:

 e.g. backup now or restore.

 In these cases, NSS knows the job number as it would have started the operation.

 However, for scheduled backups (i.e. ongoing protection), NetBackup handles the job scheduling so NSS is not aware of jobs that are started by NetBackup according to the policy schedule.

So NSS cannot be used to track all of these jobs.

You can, however, use the NSS API to poll the traffic lights for the system or a tenant (or even a machine) and notify if this changes (though this would have to be handled by an external app calling the API). 

Also, there is a mobile app for NSS ( that would allow manual tracking of traffic lights when viewing the app.


Hi Tracy,

Thanks for that.

So does this mean that Veritas DOES support sending emails from NSS? and that support TSE's can investigate these issues.


Many thanks,

Out of the box, NSS sends notification emails as standard (when it can monitor its own jobs and SMTP is configured).

However, NSS cannot monitor all backup successes/failures on NetBackup itself, therefore NSS cannot be used as a general notification system for job failures in NetBackup.