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AIR setup with NBU 7.7

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I am trying to setup Targeted AIR with NBU 7.7.2 on Windows 2012 (selection not avialble on the post, dropdown box at the time of writing).

As per the Adminitration guide, all I should do is:

1) Add a Trust relationship between source and remote master.

2) Create an Import SLP on the Target master.


I have done those but when I want to configure a SLP wth Replication the option to replicate to a Specific master is greyed out.

Any hint?




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Have you configured dedupe storage (MSDP or OST) of the same type at both sites?
Have you tested backups to the dedupe STU's at both sites?

Maybe the blueprint listed under 'Related discussions' may help with additional configuration information:

NetBackup 7.6 Blueprints - AIR


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What is your dedup storage?  I use both MSDP and DDBoost; the targetted option was only available for MSDP and worked flawlessly with the instructions you posted.  For DDBoost you cannot use targetted, the way to control this is to ensure the DD storage unit is only accessible to the master/media servers of the domain you wish to target.