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Advanced Reporting "Can't open file: 'nbjobs.MYD'. (errno: 145)"

Level 6
to start I have never set this up.
I am told it worked but stopped.
I need to fix it.
As far as I can see it works except for the job reporting.
I use the browser and access it.
but when I try to look at anything that has to do with a job I get the above error.
I can see my list of servers, and clients a risk, and media.
but I cannot see anything about the jobs.
I found the nbjobs.MYD file and it has a 2005 date on it (about the time they say it stopped working).
I have verified that all 3 services are running.
Master is windows 2000
NB 5.1 MP6
2 AIX media servers.
this is some output ( I cannot find anything in the manual to help me).
C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup Advanced Reporter\bin>arconfig --print
NetBackup Advanced Reporter configuration
 from nbar.conf on <my master>
purgefrequency = weekly
datalife = 365
max_custom_reports = 300
ovdir = c:\progra~1\veritas
hostname = mymaster
domainname =
disable = false
smtpserver =
mysqlportlocal = 3306
mysqlportmom = 3306
 NetBackup Advanced Reporter GDM Configuration
 information from <mymaster>
Master of Masters = <mymaster>

Level 3
Try this technote:
How to repair Advanced Reporter Database. The error you are getting is almost always a result of a bad database in Advanced Reporter.