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Assistace with NEtbackup Vault

Level 2
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Hello all,

One of my customers is going to start using Vault to duplicate images, and they’d like to know if there is a way to generate the pick list for tapes to eject, but not have Vault eject the tapes.
Their library is not large, and right now their process is to open the library, remove all the tapes at once, and then inventory the library.  They’d like to have Vault email out a list of media so they can double check what they’ve removed…
The eject step in a profile will generate this report, but will also move tapes to the MAP, which they do not want (they’d have to remove tapes from the MAP ~4 times or so to complete the eject…
is this possible?

I found in the help files that disabling the eject function may cause the report to fail, so I am not sure if disabling eject is the right way to go.

Thanks for your help in advanced.



Level 6

this command  should do the trick when supplied with correct parameters


vlteject  -profile robot _no/vault_name/profile_name  -dup_id session_id  -function report  -command picklist_robot_ff