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*New Videos* Super Simple Immutable Storage Provisioning with Alta Recovery Vault and NetBackup 10.3

Level 4

Hi Friends,

I recently wrote a blog - Enhanced Security That’s Easy to Use - Creating an Immutable Disk Volume that shows you how easy it is to setup a new MSDP-C storage container for backups and wanted to share a couple of videos that I created demonstrating this with Alta Recovery Vault and more!

In video 1 - Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault: Setting up Immutable Storage Part 1 of 2, I demonstrate how easy it is to setup your Alta Recovery Vault storage with just a few clicks.

In video 2 - Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault: Backup, Recovery, and Expiring Immutable Storage Part 2 of 2, I do two backups of the same machine; one with the new immutable Alta Recovery Vault storage and a second with standard on-prem non-immutable storage.  I then go to the backup catalog and demonstrate that the non-immutable storage can be expired, but the immutable Alta Recovery Vault storage can't be expired and the backup images are safe.  After those two tests, I restore the backup of the machine from my Alta Recovery Vault storage.


There's a ton of cool stuff in the videos and I hope you enjoy them!