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Backing up Lotus Notes

Level 4
Hi guys, happy new year to all.

I have 2 jobs configured for Server A. One job is to backup OS and data files and another is to backup Lotus Notes database via LN agent.

Facing issue with the LN backup job. The backup starts, mounts tape and it does not proceed further but remains in active status. No completion neither will it fail with any error no.

Typically the job takes 3hours to complete, when the issue occured it ran 48 hours without any files being back up , tape remains loaded (we use a tape library) and it does not cancel even if I issued the command. I have to manually go into Server A to stop Netbackup service.

Things done
- Verified connection between master, media and client server ( The job that backs up OS and data runs well without issue)
- Restarted master, media and client server
- Disabled VSP

Anyone can advise how to further troubleshoot this issue?

Running NBU 4.5_FP6 ( aware its way passed EOL but we are due for upgrade in Q1 2010)

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Have you checked Database Agent compatibility? It is possible that the LN version is newer than the versions supported by your outdated NBU version.
The latest version in the 4.5 Agent matrix is listed as R5.0.10 on Windows 2000.

Has this worked in the past? If so, what has changed? Possibly LN and/or O/S upgrade?
One place to see what is happening with the LN backup on the client, is bpbkar log (increase logging level to a minimum of 3).

Level 4
Hi Marianne, nothing significant was changed prior to the issue. System running find since 2004. (Opps).

Only thing I can think of is the monthly windows server patches may have caused some corruption to the netbackup client? Cause the issue did happen after the only patches were applied but not immediately and only a a week after.

Anyway I had the Netbackup client reinstalled on the server and all is well again. This is really confusing.

Thanks again!