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Backup Job/Activity Monitor Report

Level 4
I am being tasked with creating a report to be e-mailed daily that contains all the information that is listed in the Acitivity Monitor plus the backup selections information for each job.  I am running Netbackup 6 MP4 as my master/media server on Windows 2003.  I have attempted to use the "Status of Backups" report, but this does not give the backup selections, files, and kilobytes information for each backup job.  Does anyone have a script or can point me in the right direction for creating this report.

Level 6
Try using the bpdbjobs command.  Eg. bpdbjobs -report -all_columns

Level 6
Personally I like to setup the server to email reports with the following tech note: 
DOCUMENTATION: How to configure email notifications for Windows clients using BLAT and nbmail.cmd in Veritas NetBackup (tm)

*nix installs of NBU have a script which there is probably something similar on Windows (can't find it offhand).