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Job details in activity monitor

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NetBackup is currently configured to remove jobs from the activity monitor after 5 days. However I now need to research some metrics on backup jobs from a couple of weeks ago. I need to find out things like backup speeds, number of files, total amount backed up, storage unit and tape drive used and number of buffers used and number of times job waited for full buffers etc. Essentially all the kind of info included in the job details. Is there a simple way to get this info back? Is there a command I can run to output a report to a text file?


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what you need is trylogs and here is some info about them

these files will be deleted according to the cleanup schedule, so the only way to get them back is to restore from backup.

some data from these files (but not all) will be channelled to Ops Center if it is present and configured and will be expired there according to the OpsCenter database maintenance rules, this again depends on what sort of retention you need and what is the type of license key applied.

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If regular logging is still set to the default of 28 days, you can try to run 'All Log Entries' report for the client.
From cmd,
bperror -all -client <name> -d <start-date> -e <end-date> [-L] [-v]

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Aren't you looking for this one? in some extend it is providing what you are looking after...

C:\Windows\system32>bpimagelist -backupid a-client_1606586400 -A

Client: a-client
Backup ID: a-client_1606586400
Policy: WIN_a-client
Policy Type: MS-Windows
Sched Label: WIN_a-client_WEEKLY
Schedule Type: Full Backup
Retention Level: 1 month (3)
Backup Time: 28/11/2020 18:00:00
Elapsed Time: 002:27:12
Expiration Time: 29/12/2020 18:00:00
Maximum Expiration Time: 29/12/2020 18:00:00 (1609264800)
Compressed: no
Encrypted: no
Kilobytes: 47205138
Number of Files: 96384
Primary Copy: 1
Image Type: 0 (Regular)
Keyword: (none specified)
Ext Security Info: no
File Restore Raw: no
Image Dump Level: 0
File System Only: no
Object Descriptor: (none specified)
Multiplexed: yes
TIR Available: no
Backup Copy: Standard (0)
Data Classification: (none specified)
Data_Classification_ID: (none specified)
Storage Lifecycle Policy: (none specified)
Storage Lifecycle Policy Version: 0
STL_Completed: 0
Remote Expiration Time: 01/01/1970 00:00:00 (0)
Origin Master Server: (none specified)
Origin Master GUID: (none specified)
Snap Time: 01/01/1970 00:00:00 (0)
IR Enabled: no
Client Character Set: 1
Image On Hold: 0
Kilobytes Data Transferred: 0