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Is there any way when i want to add two different Folder/Files from two different Clients on the same Policy

example: Client A , Folder C:/A     Client B,  Folder B D:/B

is there any way to do that?


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yes you can.

just add the clients and the file lists to the policy.
In order not to get errors, you must disable multiple data streams from the policy attributes, so every client's backup  run with one backup stream.

You have to be very careful with the file list entries. If you make a mistake, depending the fie list and the mistake,  you may not reserve any error from netbackup.

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Screenshot 2022-05-25 123103.png

ok , how NetBackup knows that this folders are from two different clients , does backup goes and check from both clients for this folders?

Test with two clients add only folder from one client (C:/) and it backups (C:/) from both clients


Essentially it doesn't but by not allowing multiple streams NetBackup won't throw out errors for paths not found. So it will backup what it finds. However, if you aren't backing up distinctly different paths, NetBackup will backup C:\ on both servers. 


If you want to backup a specific subfolder on C:\ then define the whole path and whichever server that path doesn't exist on, it won't get backed up. If you define just C:\ its getting backed up on all the servers in the policy.

And the other way to avoid issues is with care use of exclude and include lists for the client itself (client host properties for WIndows, or the files on *nix). 

When you run the backup, are you specifying the client to use? If you don't pick a client, NBU will use the file list for all the clients in the policy.

May I ask why you're using one policy for two clients instead of two separate policies?

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You can create two different more simple and avoid TRV message if one folder don't exist.