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Backup policies guide lines

Level 3

Please help me out in creating backup policies in netbackup.  We already have some policies running in our SSO environment,  we are going to create some more new policies, please do let me know on how avoid resource contention, time over lap for multiple policies.

Any guide lines to be follwed, please advise.


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There are no real tools to help in NetBackup but some guidelines i remember are to put similar type clients in the same policy. Try not to have policy sprawl - one policy per client. having several clients in the one policy can help in resouce allocation.

My advice would be get the output of the latest activity monitor job history which includes at least  the columns Start Time and End Time and also Actual Start Time and Actual End Time.

Then use ms excel or project to map out a timeline of your jobs.
This might take some time but could be worth it in the long run if you are having trouble seeing gaps in your backup day window to insert new backups.
Against each entry you could also put the number of drives this job uses.

There are other ways you can see gaps in your backup day timeline, from when an image cleanup takes place for example.

You can use nbpemreq command to show predictions of forthcoming backups during a certain timeframe. But more often than not its how long backups actually take can help you scheduling other policies.

Level 6
Hi Stuart
I need to make a lot of reports, we have 268 policies and tape 11 drives, we maked a manual reports about the policies but is very hurt, I don't know which report  can  I use to create a report schedule and reduce the state 196, of our backups, specially weekends!

Thanks for any idea do you give me.