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Barcodes rules after re-install

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Hi all

I 've a doubt about NetBackup

Maybe i need to reinstall my machine (server) with NetBackup 7.6

I know (this simple method...i don't know if there are another one), for the policies, that is possible to backup it by creating a .TAR file of policies under /opt/openv/netbackup/db/class/ and after extract in the reinstalled server

But the question now is: 

If i would re-create the current  tape pool (barcodes) after re-installation of NetBackup ?

Are present a CONFIG file and will they be and all former backups are available, or are they all treated as “empty tapes” ?


Tnx for the reply


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No. This is not the way to recover NBU.

Take a Full hot catalog backup using CatalogBackup policy type and pool.

This will backup all of your backup images, policies, media database, barcode rules, etc... etc...

Please read the Troubleshooting chapter in  NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide  about Master server catalog recovery.

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No - a backup of /opt/openv/netbackup/db/class/ will not preserve volume configuration or existing backup data. All existing tapes will be treated as empty tapes.

You should instead use the catalog backup/restore function in Netbackup

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Hot Catalog Backups / Recovery only please

All configuration and barcode rules are retained in the catalog backup - the only thing that soemtimes needs to be double checked is the mediaid generation rule as that can be per user per console so just watch that one

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And by the way, a catalog backup restore should be tested/trained on a test system before performing it on a production system.

Just a word for warning ...


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Whats the reason for reinstalling Solaris ? Netbackup related ?

Why not use the new installation for upgrading to 7.7.2 ? You should restore the complete /opt/openv folder. No link to /usr/openv.

Installation of 7.7.2 will upgrade.

Always have a fallback !! - Alternate boot disk (formerly boot mirror) and of course Catalog backup.




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You cannot just install straight to 7.7.2.

You have to reinstall the current version, recover the catalog, and then upgrade.

Why - Because a catalog recovery can only 'go back' to the exact version it was created on.

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Installation of 7.7.2 will upgrade. no need for catalog restore

Of course a catalog restore need a masterserver installed in same mounts (Drive and driectory) and with same version (inkl patchlevel)