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Batch file doesn't run as i scheduled on Admin Console

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Hi, i'm trying to schedule Postgresql backup with batch file for windows.

When i run batch file manually in the client server, it runs successfully and default-Application-Backup job appears on activity monitor.

But when i run a scheduled job on Admin console, it just ends up with pre job (automatic backup schedule) and it  doesn't run the post job (Application backup) opposed to the policy i made.

I've set enviorment variable correctly and i've given all permissions to the path.

I would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.


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did you provide the batch file location in policy backup selection? if yes

can you show us the detail status of the job?

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What are the NetBackup client logs showing ?

Did you configure the NetBackup services on the client to run as an individual user, which you then granted the required permissions to inside the database ? When you run the batch file manually you're executing the script as your account, not the local system, which will usually have entirely different access to the database. By default NetBackup services run under the local system account, which generally has zero permissions to any local databases (and for good reason).


Hi, jnardello. thanks for your comment.

I tried to find a log, but no related logs were found.

Yes i have configured to run netbackup services on the client to run as an individual user.

 I tried everything, but it didn't work but after i rebooting the server the issue was resolved.

I'd be appreciate it if you could guess what the problem was.