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CIFS backup failure using Windows 2008!

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We are backing up CIFs files shares (on EMC Celerra) through UNC. We believe the problem is related to this article: . Although the errors we’re seeing doesn’t exactly follow the description in the article we believe it is related. When we use a Windows 2003 client to backup the shares it works fine. Now, one might ask, well, why don’t you continue using the Windows 2003 client or just upgrade NetBackup? Well, we are working on the upgrade but it may be six months to a year from being implemented. We would continue to use Windows 2003 but our Security Department is having seizures at the mere mention of that platform and insists that we take every measure to resolve the issue and get off of Windows 2003. This is why I’m reaching to see if there is any way we can get this going for next few months atleast. Can someone assist us with this effort?

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Which version of NBU are you running? The TN you found says:
The fix for this issue is included in the following release:
NetBackup 7.0 Release Update 1 (7.0.1)

Don't say you are running something older?
All versions up to 7.6.x reached EOSL a couple of months ago...

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Is important you mention the NBU and NAS versions...It depends on your version there is somethings that you should verify before starts the setup policy.

For example - If, set type=tar, is used by an NDMP backup policy protecting an EMC networked storage device, incremental backups do not include data for directory nodes that have not been modified since the last backup

How to back up CIFS shares on Windows with NetBackup -
(Applied for NBU 6, 6.5, 7, 7.1 and 7.5)




Thanks for your reply Marianne! Unfortunately, we are having 6.5.6 NetBackup version. As i said in my earlier threads too that we got some challenges for upgrading our environment to the latest.

In the mean time we got another challenge to continue the way we are are backing up the stuff. With windows 2003 client/media server the CIFS backups works fine but not with Windows 2008.

It’s a Windows 2008 Media Server running NBU 6.5.6. We are running backups from a Windows 2003 NBU Client and it works fine. This is the way we’ve always done it and never had issues. Our particular problem now is policy related as our Security Team insists that we get rid of every instance of Windows 2003 in the organization.

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Your Security Team wants to get rid of W2003 because it is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Tell them they should apply the same rule to NBU 6.5.6. Support ran out in 2012.
Tell them if you cannot use a supported way to backup the share, then they need to accept responsibility for the fact that backups will not be possible.