Re: Catalog Fail get status 2520

Hi @Cedeguill,

Can you check this TN?







Re: Catalog Fail get status 2520


Re: Catalog Fail get status 2520

There is a specific db validate log, I think that is the one that will be needed.

Hopefully, it's set up the same in Windows as Unix, so lets give this a go.

The log location should be :

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\log\dbvalid-connection.log

It is enabled via a touch file:

Create this empty file (make sure Windows doesn't add some suffix to the filename)

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\VRTS_NBDB_DBVALID_LOGS

You can add further detail by increasing the log level for BPDBM, this can be done in the GUI, Host Properties.



Re: Catalog Fail get status 2520

Maybe @mph999 can help to interpret this...
I see the following in bpdbm log:

16:57:15.360 [5572.42908] <2> image_db: Q_IMAGE_CATALOG_BACKUP
16:57:15.360 [5572.42908] <2> read_legacy_touch_file: Found E:\NetBackupDB\data\vxdbms.conf; requested from (vxdbms_conf.cpp.1528).
16:57:15.407 [5572.42908] <16> ImageCatalogBackup::executeQuery: ManageLockFile(D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\catbackup.lock) failed to set lock
16:57:15.423 [5572.42908] <16> DbmOdbcConnect::commitTransaction: (-1) Cannot commit since transaction was never initiated
16:57:15.438 [5572.42908] <4> jmcomm_UpdateActionStatus: Sending status: 2520 back to parent JobID: 0
16:57:15.438 [5572.42908] <16> jmcomm_UpdateActionStatus: Invalid Parmeter
16:57:15.438 [5572.42908] <2> jmcomm_UpdateActionStatus: returning
16:57:15.438 [5572.42908] <16> image_db: error sending status back to jobmgr for job 0: 20
16:57:15.438 [5572.42908] <2> process_request: request complete: exit status 2520 Cannot trigger current catalog backup; another catalog backup in progress; query type: 160

Is there a leftover lock file (D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\catbackup.lock) in place from a previous failed catalog backup?
And this is causing the last message saying that another catalog backup is already in progress?

Re: Catalog Fail get status 2520

I think we could stop NBU processes and remove the file - certainly the messages make it look like it could be an issue, but looking in the code it seems that the lock file is used by 'other processes, to prevent certain operations'  during a catalog backup, as opposed to stopping another catalog backup running.

Also, the nbdb_backup –online failed, which is unrelated to the lock file.  So whilst not impossible that the lock file is an issue, it doesn’t appear to be, although it needs to be removed.

I would set up the db validate log as explained above, and then in <install>\veritas\netbackup\bin run NbDbAdmin (should be a GUI) and run a full DB validate.  When you logintop NbDbAdmin, the passwd should be nbusql

Let's then see what is in the validate log.


Re: Catalog Fail get status 2520


Any update from your side?

Have you been able to look into enabling db validate log?

Please also tell us more about your environment.
The NBU binaries seem to be on a different drive letter (D:\) to the databases (E:\).

Is your NBU installation clustered? 
Or were databases moved manually?

Is VXDBMS_NB_DATA in the registry pointing to correct location for databases?
And vxdbms.conf in same folder as NBDB.db?

Accepted Solution!

Re: Catalog Fail get status 2520


We have updated to version 7.7.3 and the catalago has finished ok.


thanks for your comments



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