Drives are active but does not show activity


I have few bunch of drives that were showing active but I dont see any activity with the tapes,

I verified with nbrb allocation there are few allocations with out media, released them with releaseMDS switch but no luck

Tired to restart the ltid on the three media servers. no luck


PS: Linux with Netbackup 771 and SSO configured with HP ESL TL with 13 drives.

looking for immediate help



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Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

Please find the image for the same to get better undertanding,







Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

Since you mentioned these are SSO, you could try the following:

1) ./vmoprcmd -crawlreleasebyname <drive_name>

2) ./nbrbutil -releaseDrive <drive_name>

If that doesn't work, you may need to use the ./nbrbutil -resetAll command **NOTE - That will reset ALL nbrb allocations, requests, and persisted state**  Not ideal, but if you want to get all your tape drives up before the weekend, it might need to get done.  You could also try and restart the Netbackup services on the master if none of the other methods work.

See this post for other tips:

Re: Drives are active but does not show activity


I tried the above commands. but no luck. I dont see any activity for the tapes. I can see the correct Tapes with correct barcodes are being  inserted into the correct drive. But some how nothing is happening.

Restart of the services cannot be done, as there are few 100 of backups running.

PS: Our set up has the backups are sent out to DD's and dupes are being sent to Tapes.

One query

1. does ./nbrbutil -resetAll will reset / kill the primary backups sent to disk storage.










Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

Yes, if I remember correctly nbrbutil -resetAll will kill all running jobs.  Best to do it when nothing is running.  I'm not sure anything else short of restarting services and/or running nbrbutil -resetAll will resolve the issue with those drives.  

You are certain that nbrbutil -dump shows no allocations for the drives at all?

Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

I found few of them which I released . I dont see any of them..

But some time when I put nbrbutil -dump | grep "drive" .. I see the jobid keeps changing for some time and finally after some time it shows nothing except " " 

what does that mean'



Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

I'm not sure...  At this point if you can't restart services or run the nbrbutil -resetAll command, I'd recommend opening a support case.  Maybe there is something I'm missing that will allow them to free up without affecting the other jobs, but off the top of my head I can't think of anything...

Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

I can give the output of nbrbutil -dump for one of the drives.You may get some idea .

firstuserid is empty . no job id but still I can see media is allocated. I have released those kind with nbrbutil -release swich. still they appear again and again


index=31 (Allocation: id={FBBD37D8-3FAA-11E6-9BAB-14F9893831A9} provider=DriveOperationProvider resourcename=DriveUnload masterserver=nyc-master.mycompany.loc groupid={00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} userSequence=0 userid=""  firstuserid="" (Media_Drive_Allocation_Record: allocationKey=54033901 (Media_Drive_Record: MediaKey=4025436 MediaId=S24062 MediaServer=nyc-media02.mycompany.loc DriveKey=2000682 DriveName=16000 PrimaryPath=/dev/nst12 PoolName=Offsite_Linux RobotNum=1 RobotType=8 MediaTypeName=NetBackup HCART3 DriveTypeName=NetBackup HCART3 NdmpControlHost= RetentionLevel=0 PolicyType=2 JobType=15 MasterServer=nyc-master) (Storage_Unit_Record: STU= STUType=0 MasterServer= MediaServer= RobotType=0 RobotNumber=0 Density=0 OnDemandOnly=0 ConcurrentJobs=0 ActiveJobs=0 MaxMultiplexing=0 NdmpAttachHost= AbsolutePath=) (Bptm_Strings_Record: 0="MEDIADB 1 54033901 S24062 4025436 ------ 20 1467387069 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 22 0 16 1024 0 0 0" 1="VOLUME 1 S24062 4025436 S24062L6 ENCR_Offsite_Linux *NULL* *NULL* 24 8 1 15 0 {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} 0" 2="DRIVE 4 16000 2000682 82C6E9505B /dev/nst12 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 *NULL* *NULL* *NULL* *NULL* 1 0 0 1 0 0 /pci0000:00/0000:00:07.0/0000:06:00.1/host2/rport-2:0-12/target2:0:12/2:0:12:" 3="STORAGE 1 *NULL* 0 0 0 0 0 0 nyc-media02.mycompany.loc nyc-media02.mycompany.loc *NULL*" 4="DISKGROUP 0 6 *NULL* 6 *NULL* 6 *NULL*" 5="DISKVOLUME 0 6 *NULL* 6 *NULL* 0" 6="DISKMOUNTPOINT 0 6 *NULL*" ) TpReqFileName=))

        MdsAllocation: allocationKey=54033901 jobType=15 mediaKey=4025436 mediaId=S24062 driveKey=2000682 driveName=16000 drivePath=/dev/nst12 stuName= masterServerName=nyc-master mediaServerName=nyc-media02.mycompany.loc ndmpTapeServerName= diskVolumeKey=0 mountKey=0 linkKey=0 fatPipeKey=0 scsiResType=1 serverStateFlags=3

Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

Please show output of these commands on the master server: vmdareq and vmoprcmd

Re: Drives are active but does not show activity

Hello, I have taken the reboot of the library, media servers and master server.

Once the master server is UP. reconfigured the drives, and all the drives picked up the tapes.

I dont say the issue get resolved, as we are taking reboot of the devices very oftenly

Even when the drives are UP, I can see couple of drives doesn't pick up tapes..... I have checked for the allocations for those drives and cleared them and release drives .. I dont see any progress.. 

when checked with nbrb util -dump I see the the job id keep changing, but the media ID is same in the allocation.

As of now I dont have access to my env.. once I get it I will post the outputs...Let me know how can we narrow down the issue.