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How many scripts?

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In NBU for SAP Admin guide, it is mentioned to specify the scripts in backup selection (while creating SAP backup policy).

My question is,

A. If we have 6 nodes SAP HANA setup then how many scripts would require to secure complete setup??, 

B. Also as per admin guide, in single SAP backup policy, we need to specify all SAP HANA Nodes & scripts in backup selection, Question : How my backup policy will differentiate which client is associated to which script ?   ,Just trying to understand on "scripts and SAP HANA Nodes association" in SAP backup policy.


Please anyone can suggest.





Do not use SAP HANA, but I have Oracle on clusters. My servers each have Fiber Channel storage, so I need to specify the right storage for the right server.

I have a "master policy" with LAN storage, calling the rman script - client is the DB listener. This is scheduled to start.

I have host scripts that have the same script, but the client and storage match. - these never start on their own.

The master script runs a command to determine the host it is actually on, then calls the specific host policy

for example - DB is on server1 and server2, server1 has storage1, server2 has storage2. PolicyDB has LAN storage, listener as client, PolicyDB1 has server1 storage, and server1 as client, PolicyDB2 has server2 storage and server2 as client.

Policy DB runs script DBbackup, checks the host and determines client, and policy values to use, the policy forces the host and storage and backup runs like a champ.

So I have a master policy and script, then each host in the cluster has their version of the script, and a policy.



NetBackup on Solaris 11, writing to Data Domain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 & LTO8 in SL8500 via ACSLS

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1) you have to create a seperate backup script for each and every instance.
2) keep the name/location of script same at all nodes and put this script in policy containing all the clients