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How to Change the Tape retention period

Level 4
Hi everyone

I am using netbackup 6.x  Window serev please anyone can guide me how to change the tape retention period
 plz assist step by step.


Level 4

Before Backup .

you can set the retention in policy -- schedules --retention ---...After that you can fire the backup .

After Backup :--

If you had already taken the backup and still you want to change the retention please duplicate the images and change the retention for the same ..

Go to catalog tab --select duplicate option in top ...enter the media id ..set the correct date ranges ...frist select for the copy...once you are able to find the images right click and select duplicate option ..there u can change th retention level .

Please revert back if u still have any queirie s.


Level 6
bpexpdate: -m <media id> -d <mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS | 0 | infinity>
[-host <name>] [-force] [-nodelete] [-notimmediate]
[-M <master_server,...,master_server>]

example: bpexpdate -m DL0001 -d 12/30/2010 12:12:12 -force

Level 6

1. Shanmuga gives good advice for considering creating a duplicate copy of the image. NetBackup, by default does not allow mixed retention levels on a single tape. If you have a tape that contains mostly 1 month retention and you increase retention to 1 year on one of the images then the earliest the tape containing mostly 1 week retentions will expire will now be 1 year. Do you see how this could possibly cause you to use more tapes if you practice extending retentions regularly?

2. Shanmuga brings up good point that you may want to consider the retentions before doing the backups.

3. Karthikeyan provides the syntax and example of how to change the retention from the command line. There is an online man page available on the bpexpdate command and it is also described in the "Commands for UNIX"  or "Commands for Windows" manuals. I do not know if you can access the online man pages so you may want to download the pdf file to your desktop.

VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 6.0 Commands for Windows

Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 Commands for Windows


Level 3
Hi ,

I have just tried the CLI Method and it appears to have worked, the retention period for my image is set to 2 years, yet the expiry date is now set to 01/19/2038 03:14 14:07


Level 6
"yet the expiry date is now set to 01/19/2038 03:14 14:07"

Where are you getting this 2038 date from?

Level 6
Check this Link Andy :)

Level 3
Hi Andy

Been away today, still in my newbiness in netbackup I am swapping between the gui and cli :( but the gui reports the same info as my learned mentor Karthikeyan...

I had some real sucess today i am still setting expirydates to infinity for my exchange images which I manage to sucessfully restore today...

As always many thanks


Level 3
I have adjusted the retention on the policy and want the images that were already backed up to match the new retention time. For example I changed from a 6 month to three months.. How do I make the tapes that are full of 6 months ready to be reused as scratch?

Level 6
to "scratch" a volume use  bpexpdate -m <mediaid> -d 0
the zero date expires the media immediately

Level 5

this is the proper command to increase the retention level

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpexpdate -recalculate -backupid XYZ_1271081521 -copy 1 -d 0 -client XYZ -policy bmr_testing -ret 5 -sched 0 -M ABC