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How to configure Catalog DR email

Level 3

Installed on NetBackup on 5260 flex appliance 4.0. How to configure Catalog DR email on it.


Level 5

you need to use the mailx to send the email.
configure the email in the catalog.
Add the IP address of your Exchange/mail server in /etc/hosts:

xxx.xx.xx.xx   hostname         mailhost

Create /etc/resolv.conf
nameserver xxx.xx.xx.xx
domain your.domain

Add 'dns' to the 'hosts' line in /etc/nsswitch.conf   
hosts:      files       dns

 now you should be able to use mailx to send email, if you are able to send then everything is fine, you can run the catalog policy and confirm if you are receiving email.
 in case you have TLS configured in your SMTP,check below link

Configuring SMTP Mail Relay to send NetBackup Catalog DR Emails on Flex Appliances (

Level 4

Connect to master server instance, login via appadmin and run "sudo -i" to switch to root user.

edit /etc/mail.rc and put the following lines at the end of the file.

set smtp=smtp://smtp-server:port

Ensure that master server instance IP has relay rights on SMTP.

Run a simple test: mail -s “TEST” recipient@company.local < /etc/hosts

You'll need additional paramters in case of having SMTP authentication and SSL in use.