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How to protect a VMware Horizon 7 CloudPod architecture running on VMware 6.5 with NetBackup 8.x

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Partner Accredited

We have a customer that wants to evaluate the Netbackup licensing costs to protect the following infrastructure:

  1. VMware vSphere 6.5
  2. VMware Horizon 7
  3. CloudPod architecture
  4. 8 physical servers
    1. 5 of them have several management hosts/VM’s
    2. 3 of them have several services hosts and 17 VDI hosts/VM’s
  5. Requirements:
    1. Want to perform agentless backups via snapshots
    2. They will use a virtual Master and virtual Media Servers to perform backups to disk in a SAN


My questions are:

 1. Can we propose the NetBackup Enterprise Virtual Client licenses to protect this infrastructure?

2. Do you have any recommendations regarding the protection integration of NetBackup with this environment?