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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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NetBackup running backups over virtual ethernet interfaces

Greetings,Here's my question:AIX 7.1 running on a P Series server3 AIX LPARS in the systemCustomer IP Network is on networkCustomer wants all backup traffic to go across the Virtual Ethernet configured on each AIX LPAR (, 1.1.1...

DPeaco by Moderator
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Netbackup catalyst : ESFS.json not being created on config

We are on Netbackup 8.1.1 on redhatWhen I crun the cloud service config wizard It goes through the steps and then stops at the step : Setting ESFS name and local cache directory for database system error 220Looking in the log files[root@catalyst ops]...

Advise on long term archival solution

Hello All,Need you advise on long term archival solution. currently my new client is manufacturing company, having 25 years retention of some daily manufacturing ndmp data and goes directly to LTO 5. monthly around 40-50TB data is archived to tape fr...

pushing unix clients

Netbackup 7.7.3When adding a new client, previously i would push install the client using the ssh method./usr/openv/netbackup/bin/install_client_files ssh unixclient099That was fine and dandy because root was trusted between systems.  We have had to ...

Resolved! importing catalogs for DR

Netbackup 7.7.3So I have my production environment and a DR environment.  We have previously used the DR environment to do catalog recoveries.Media ID E00052 is a catalog tape and has been in service since before the last DR, so the DR environment ha...

BMR Restore

I took backup of Windows 7 Machine in NBU 7.7,When I try to restore the Machine on a different location it gives me an error.No OS Found,Is there any issue with my backup image, Kindly guide me how to restore a machine using the bootable image (Fastb...

NDMP backup of Dell/EMC Unity Array to Veritas Appliance

I have a client who has the following environment:1 x Windows Master Server - 8.01 x 5220 Appliance - 3.01 x EMC VNX Storage Array (compression and de-duplication enabled)We have been backing up data from the VNX (FC SAN attached to 5220 appliance) f...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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Resolved! Data recovery without policy and client

Hello, we need to recover data from a 2016 annual backup. In the meantime, the file server has been migrated and the client and policy has been deleted from Netbackup. The tapes were imported yesterday and the file base is visible in the BAR. When at...

Resolved! Error While Setting Up Appliance as MEDIA SERVER

Hi All, I am trying to setup NBU 5240 as media server and when i try to add my Master server i encounter an error showing - [Error] Unable to connect to the master server. Make sure the master server is pingable, and all the NetBackup processes are u...

NAYAB by Level 4
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Netbackup versions differences

Hi.Could you help me knowing the main differences between Veritas Netbackup 7.7.3 and Netbackup 8.1.1  and the recommended documentation for this topic?Thank you for your attention 

How can I prioritise Duplications to tape over Duplications to disk?

I have a NetBackup 8 media server with an MSDP and locally attached tape library.This media server does not backup any clients directly but recieves duplication images into it's MSDP from another media server. It then duplicates these images to tape ...

CadenL by Moderator
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customized script in netbackup

Hi, Anyone using customized scripts in netbackup for creating automatic backup policies, installing clients, configuring backups ?thnx

Brits by Level 6
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23:34:36 (12708.001) WRN - VxUL oid = 356, id = 423:34:36 (12708.001) ERR - An API returned an unexpected value23:34:36 (12708.001) ERR - An API returned an unexpected value23:34:36 (12708.001) ERR - An API returned an unexpected value23:34:37 (12708...

gaven by Level 2
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Problem aftger a power down and up.

Few weeks ago we had to power down the machine room. Upon power up, I can only see 4 of the six LTO7 drives.I removed the robot/drives and we did the wizard. It finds all six drives but says 2 of them under control of a remote host.... I am really co...


Resolved! Documentation for upgrading clients to 8.0

Hello, we're currently in the process of upgrading to 8.0.Our master servers, all linux, and OPSCenter have all been upgraded. We are currently partially through upgrading our media servers (linux and appliances).The next step will be the upgrade to ...

DoubleP by Level 5
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Resolved! Tape Drives are Constantly become down

Dear Readers ,    I have two LTO5 Drives and two LTO6 Drives , Today one of LTO5 and one of  LTO6 Drives are becoming down on and on . I try to Make them up , but after some seconds they become down . would you please help me how to troubleshoot this...

can Veritas support go through third party?

Just wondering if Veritas support can go through any third parties to save some money and time?  for any features we are currently not in use, can we take them out from support contract?

FlyMountain by Moderator
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