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How to update client netabckup from 7.7.2 to 8.1.1

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We have some trouble with EXchange backup on our machine the backup failed with error :


Could not fetch snapshot metadata or state files  (4207)


Il see that we should update the client to the same version as the master/media 8.1.1 we try to do that but we face the following error during the installation :


08-16-2021,09:33:27 : Action start 9:33:27: INSTALL.

+ 08-16-2021,09:33:27 : Action ended 9:33:27: INSTALL. Return value 3.


Could you plaese advice 


Thank you in advance 


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you must check the install log, line by line, for the error.

what is the windows and exchange versions?
Try to shutdown manually netbackup services on the client, check that all netbackup processes are stopped and retry the installation


>Could not fetch snapshot metadata or state files (4207)

This is almost never the real error. It's usually an after-effect when a snapshot fails for some other reason.

Explanation: Windows VSS snapshot backups, including Exchange, involve a pair of bpfis.exe processes. The first process, which shows "bpfis create" on its command line, creates the snapshot. It creates a state file to describe the snapshot. For Exchange, it creates a set of metadata files that it associates with the state files.

The second bpfis process shows "bpfis delete" on its command line. It performs two tasks. It conveys the backup job status to the 'bpfis create' process, and it cleans up the state file set. In order to do its tasks, the 'bpfis delete' process needs to read the state file.

When the snapshot creation fails, the 'bpfis create' process doesn't produce a state file. This causes the 4207 error from the 'bpfis delete' process.

As @StefanosM replied, you need to check the installation log. It should be short because your failure is immediate.

I suspect error code 3 is the Windows system error, ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND. If you aren't getting an installation log, you probably aren't even getting started. Check for valid access from your client Exchange server to your installation media, and for a valid path to your 7.7.2 .msi file.


Thank you for reply 

Below the full error log during the installation, i stopped all service netabckup before but we face the same issue :


08-17-2021,11:07:11 : 08-17-2021,11:07:11 : Starting Setup

08-17-2021,11:07:11 : 08-17-2021,11:07:11 : Performing installation on host: EMSW0743

08-17-2021,11:07:11 : 08-17-2021,11:07:11 : UAC is supported on this OS, and it is currently disabled.

08-17-2021,11:07:40 : On Init of CDlgChooseCustom

08-17-2021,11:07:40 : Leaving Init of CDlgChooseCustom

08-17-2021,11:07:40 : On Init of CDlgLocalChooseCustom

08-17-2021,11:07:40 : Leaving Init of CDlgLocalChooseCustom

08-17-2021,11:07:44 : Validating Local Options Data

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : === Logging started: 8/17/2021 11:09:26 ===

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action 11:09:26: CostInitialize. Computing space requirements

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action start 11:09:26: CostInitialize.

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action ended 11:09:26: CostInitialize. Return value 1.

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action 11:09:26: FileCost. Computing space requirements

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action start 11:09:26: FileCost.

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action ended 11:09:26: FileCost. Return value 1.

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action 11:09:26: ResolveSource. Resolving source

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action start 11:09:26: ResolveSource.

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action ended 11:09:26: ResolveSource. Return value 1.

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action 11:09:26: CostFinalize. Computing space requirements

08-17-2021,11:09:26 : Action start 11:09:26: CostFinalize.

08-17-2021,11:09:32 : Action ended 11:09:32: CostFinalize. Return value 1.

08-17-2021,11:09:32 : Action 11:09:32: INSTALL.

08-17-2021,11:09:32 : Action start 11:09:32: INSTALL.

+ 08-17-2021,11:09:32 : Action ended 11:09:32: INSTALL. Return value 3.

08-17-2021,11:09:33 : Security certificates were deployed earlier in the installation process.

08-17-2021,11:09:33 : Attempting to remove certificates as part of rollback.

08-17-2021,11:09:33 : Certificate with host ID [4e4f7c47-d7ce-4475-951c-6ff70e0c87a9] was successfully removed.

08-17-2021,11:09:33 : Successfully removed CA Certificate [D:\APP\VERITAS\NetBackup\var\webtruststore\cacert.pem].

08-17-2021,11:09:33 : A fatal error occurred during installation on server 'EMSW0743'.



There is a  "+" symbol in the log that normally indicates there is additional information, did you expand it and include it in your last post?

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Hello ,

Have you gone through the following steps  of troubleshooting ?

NetBackup status code: 4207

Message: Could not fetch snapshot metadata or state files

Explanation: Snapshot metadata that the NetBackup client requires is missing or cannot be fetched from the NetBackup master server.

Recommended Action: Verify the following:

  • The NetBackup client can communicate with the NetBackup master.

  • The state file location on the NetBackup client has write permission. The typical location of the NetBackup state file on the NetBackup client is as follows:

    Windows: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\online_util\fi_cntl\

    UNIX: /usr/openv/netbackup/online_util/fi_cntl

Hi @Ricko2234 

What you have displayed looks like an extract from the htm file ratherr than the log file. Can you provide the contents of the log file (attach the entire contents woudl help). 

Also another way forward would be to first uninstall the current version completely, then install version 8.1.1 on a "clean" system. If you are unable to uninstall, this is possibly the problem with the upgrade. It is possible to manually uninstall the client software (remove the folders, the relevant regkeys etc.)