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Invalid error number (2826) while trying to do a bare metal restore in Netbackup

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My Netbackup is version 7.1 installed in a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine and supports about 20 clients running different flavors of operating systems, from Windows XP to Server 2008 and Redhat machines.

I have a BMR backup of a Windows Server 2008 R2 that was taken in July, 2016 and been restored couple of times without any issue. The last restore was done in September, 2016.

But, this week when i try to restore it, i get an error in the BMR client (please see, the joint file).

And in activity monitor, i get :

Invalid error number (2826)

And now, i don't know what should be done to make the restore ends green.

Thanks in advance



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Take a look in Netbackup\logs\bmrrst\

If bmrrst directory doesn't exist, create it and re-try the operation.

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Bprd can produce status 2826 on a restore if it fails to connect to bpbrm.

I don't know why the text you are getting is "invalid error number." The text should be, "Master server failed to connect to backup restore manager on media server for restore." The troubleshooting text should be:

Try the following possible solution in the order presented:
* From the master server, ping the master and all media servers by using the host names in the storage unit configuration.
* From each of the media servers, ping the master server by using the name that is specified in the NetBackup server list. On a UNIX or Linux server, this master is the first SERVER entry in the bp.conf file. On a Windows server, the master is designated on the Servers tab in the Master Server Properties dialog box.
* Check that all of the services are running on the media server.
To view technical notes and other information in the Veritas Knowledge Base about this status code:





To Nicolai, i do have this folder named BMRRST, i opened a file from it but i couldn't find anything that i can i understand... attached is a copy of the bmrrst.log file.

To Lowell, i only have a Master server which is Media Server in the same time, i've already seen this Technote, but i couldn't find a clue that might help in it.

Thanks in advance.

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From the log file :

1 DEBUG nbutils.cpp:NBURestoreSystemFiles() Could not create rename file. /Shadow Copy Components/ will need to be restored manually.

1 DEBUG nbutils.cpp:RestoreShadowCopyComponents() Shadow Copy Components failed to restore, rc=3

Re-try the operation again, but please confirm a backup of shadow copy components exist. Else call Veritas and open a support case. I am getting no hits on google using the keyword from the log file