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Media Server hangs when backup job running.

The media server hangs when backup job running erveryday. The backup job is backup OS.How to troubleshooting?

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nick,   Need more



Need more information. What OS is the media server, what version of NetBackup? Has this always happened? All backups to this media server result in it hanging? What type of backup - filesystem, database, snapshot?

Media Server OS :suse10sp2.

Media Server OS :suse10sp2. NBU version:7.0.1

It happened everyday.But it's ok when I manually backup.

Backup OS use BMR.

Everyday backup job is

Everyday backup job is running at 0:00. The server hung at about 0:10 or 1:00. No any error logs .When it hang  you can not login on. But pinging is OK.

"But it's ok when I manually

"But it's ok when I manually backup."  Is the manual backup with or without BMR? What happens if you run a backup without BMR?

What NBU logs are enabled on the media server?

Anything useful in /var/log/messages?

What other processes are running on the media server at or shortly after midnight?

Manual backup with

Manual backup with BMR.

There's no useful log in /var/log/messges and /usr/openv/logs.

There are  no other processes  running all day except NETBACKUP.

Enable the following logs in

Enable the following logs in /usr/openv/netbackup/logs  (create directories):