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Migration backup images of the one policy to another server

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This policy is on the master server NBU I want to migrate   to another master server NBU 8.1.1. Now  I created the  new policy on the  new  master server. But I need saved backups images over the past months from the old server. How do I transfer them so that later I can restore data from them on  a new server  with this policy? 


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Import phase 1 and 2 only.... No other way possible...

I would run this to determine tapes needed for this import - on old master...

bpimagelist -policy policy_name -d 1/1/2000 -U

bpimagelist -policy policy_name -d 1/1/2000 -media -U

bpimagelist -policy policy_name -d 1/1/2000 -idonly 

So having media ID details you can plan to import backup images on new master - if it is still supporting the tape techonlogy used on old one...

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As quebek says, the easiest way if you have access to the media is to do a media import.

You do not state is the images reside on disk or tape...  

If they were on disk, then depending on the storage (Basic / Advanced / MSDP / OST) you would also need to reconfigure that storage to work with the new master first, and may require copying of disk contents, or duplication to other medias.

If the images are on tape you will need to make sure you have a compatible drive attached to be able to load the media.  

If however, you have many  images (on disk or tape), or if your tapes are offsite and not available for importing.  I would recommend using our Tranzman solution to automate it,  It can do this without needing to import the media, as it allows selective migration of images to be exported one catalog and imported into another, and also handles the creation of configuration for devices etc.

Images is on the disk (Advanced disk). How to import images from old server to new server and that NBU Catalog had records about them?

I found the documentation.

But how to I shall assign old master server to new master server?  Or I must  create old master as new media server in NBU 8.1.1 ? 

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The Article you found is good for tape where you can simply insert the tapes into a robot connected to the new master server.

You will need to physically connect the disk storage to the new master, configure Storage Server, Disk Pool, etc, and then start to import from the Disk Pool.

If you want to keep old master as media server, you will still not be able to access catalogs on the old master.

You will need consulting services from Veritas or @StoneRam-Simon to perform a migration for you and 'demote' the old master to media server.
It is not possible to do this yourself.

Is it possible to assign share disk as a disk pool ?

old server 2003, new server 2019. Cannot map share disk bcos SMB1.

Any idea for import images?

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Pity you did not ask for advice before you installed a new master server....

Can you connect a USB drive to the old master and duplicate images to the new BasicDisk?
Even if the USB drive is not large enough, then duplicate some images.

Connect the USB drive to the new master, import the images, then duplicate to storage on the new master.
Repeat the process until all required images have been transferred.

You will need to expire the USB copy of the images on old an new master.
Be sure to verify that you use the correct -cn (copy number) with bpexpdate.

The alternative is to reach out to @StoneRam-Simon to quote you on Services.

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@ipmanyak  if you want I can help you determine what needs to be done to perform thit partial migration, you can use the FREE tool TZM_Recorder  This is a "discovery tool" that will look at what is configured in NetBackup, and what backup components you have, if you can run it on both your the original master, and the master where you have moved the policies to, we will be able to determine what components have not been migrated, and the best approach to migrate them.

Instructions on how to used TZM_recorder can be viewed here

What is the network bandwith between the two masters?


The network bandwith between the two masters is 1 Gbit/sec

Thanks StoneRam-Simon .  I'll try TZM_recorder.

StoneRam-Simon !!!

I checked the zip archives of TZM RECORDER  for windows on  and found that the is infected. Checked from this archive separately module tzm_recorder.exe infected with 5 viruses.  Other DLL and EXE  modules I not tested. Look at the screenshot.

You must check your x86 Windows machine for viruses immediately. I recommend running the free drweb cureit utility on all drives. Windows must be loaded into SAFE MODE.

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I can assure you that there are no viruses. Which AV you use? We don't build in a windows environment, the build environment is completely isolated, using static components that are clean.

The distribution for TZM_recorder is packaged using common packaging components. We are aware that some free AV products wrongfully associate the packagers with viruses. Because the same tools have been used to package other programs which did contain a virus and they associate those packagers with the virus rather than the virus itself.

I do however understand your reservations, I'll try to reach out to the AV vendors to work with them to be less generic over signatures associated with generic packagers.

I've done a little more investigation here too, and found that this site will flag up virus in many tools that are "packaged" perl which includes various NetBackup tools (such as NBCC)...  Further more if you google for some of the vendors that are flagging the being a virus, you will see that they are known for having false positives, one of which even says "The engine format and configuration in VirusTotal is different than the consumer and corporate products’ default configuration. In VirusTotal we use a command-line engine with different configuration and detection techniques/heuristics which might detect more than the commercial product. There are also false-positive suppression mechanisms in the commercial product which are not present in the command-line engine in VirusTotal."

You are right to flag this up, but my recommendation is to re test the same with a commercial AV product, as these are false positives.

Now I run  TZM_RECORDER on NBU 8.1.1 and got the  file 

INFO | DONE - Collecting Extended Assessment Information
INFO | Files collected in [C:\install\TZM Recorder 64\tzm_recorder\TZM_recording_1614167181]
INFO | C:\install\TZM Recorder 64\tzm_recorder\ was created.
INFO | You can use this recording with the Tranzman Appliance as a Virtual Agent

Then I'll run on NBU 7.5.06

What to do  next ?

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if you send an email to nbucmd (at) stoneram (dot) com

I will ensure you then get instructions on how we can share them.

I don't think you want to post those files on here.

I will then assess the data, and share with you (via return email) the findings. 

We can post back here afterwards with a summary for anyone else who is following this thread.

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@StoneRam-Simon such activities on these two domains - is it supported later on by Veritas? As you will manipulate NBU catalog etc.? I am just curious.

Also do you have import capabilities from Actifio?

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When I see the output from TZM_Recorder I will be able to determine the best course of action for this particular one, it may just be a list of simple commands.

If  however, Tranzman is used, then yes it is fully supported, as we are not doing anything that isn't standard NBU commands.  There is no "manipulation" taking place (in the sense of the way that Catman, works)  Tranzman simply automates the generation of commands by reading the output of NetBackup commands that query the config.  Images are handled following the processes of exporting and importing image data. 

Tranzman was born out of the need to migrate from other products.  As such we took an approach to store config and generate commands from it.  We generated a framework to manage this process so that it could be used for reading information from various different vendors. 

We have used our approach to deliver hundreds of migrations for Veritas, mainly where there are additional complexities, such as splits so data doesn't have to be expired...  And zero downtime migrations where historical backup data needs to be merged into a live master. But also where there has been many to one migrations/mergers. 

Sorry but we've not done anything with Actifio (yet), but if there is demand for it.........