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NBU - 6.0MP7: EMM & device manager service troubleshooting

Level 2

New to the forum, so a special thanks to everyone who takes the time to review this and respond.

Our Netbackup server has recently begun having some serious problems requiring us to bounce the server almost every day (sometimes multiple times per day) in order to restart the Enterprise Media Manager and the device manager. When we try to view the Activity  Monitor or the Media tape libraries, it keeps says that the Enterprise Media Manager is unable to obtain the list because the Database Server is down (93).

I have checked all of the Event Logs on this particular server and cannot find anything that would lead me to determining what the root cause of this is.

Any ideas or tips on where to start would be appreciated.


Level 2
Andy, you may very well have hit on the problem. Our company has just taken over responsibility for these servers and it appears that the previous contractor had let things pile up undone before they left. I'll check this out and let you know in a follow-up.

regards, ken