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NBU 6.5.4 Virtual Backups

I'm getting an error thirteen (13) when initializing the policy for Disk_To_Tape.  I have the client pointing to a physical box but I'm using an embedded virtual drive to pull the data from to tape which was copied from the disk.  Also my master/media is the same box (which is a problem).  I'm thinking if I copy the disk files to a physical box, I'll be able to tranfers this data to tape.  Thanks in advance for all inputs.  Be Blessed. 8-)


Luigi 8-)

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Questions is kind of

Questions is kind of confusing.

"I'm using an embedded virtual drive to pull the data from to tape"  - Are you refering duplication from VTL to Tape.

Can you please detail on your policy configuration? Policy type.. Storage Unit type..

What is OS of your client and Master/media server?

The policy type MS-Windows

The policy type MS-Windows NT/hcart3/w2008 r.2.  I have one PC serving as the master/media server which I know is a problem and if I could convince the customer to utilize two (2) servers vice one (1), I wouldn't have this problem.  Basically I need some guidance on backing up virtual drives.  Again thanks in advance for your support, understanding and cooperation.  Be Blessed. 8-)


Luigi 8-)

My Understanding from your

My Understanding from your post is that, you have Windows Server (master & media) that backs up the client data to a virtual drive and then you want to replicate the data from virtual drive to Tape. Am i correct?

When you say embedded Virtual drive, what are you referring to? can you tell more about this?

"Embedded meaning the virtual

"Embedded meaning the virtual drive is pointed to a physical drive and yes I'm trying to pull that data from the virtual drive and backup to tape.  Again "How Do I backup a virtual drive using NBU 6.5.4?"  Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.  Be Blessed. 8-)


Luigi 8-)

GUI Duplicate

In NetBackup Admin Console; Select the Catalog. In the top left hand side, under Action select "Duplicate" and search for the backup image by specifying the backup dates. Right-click one the Image and select duplicate.

In the Duplication setup window mention the Storage unit. volume pool...etc