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NBU, OST, HP StoreOnce: Accelerator not working

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I have an issue in that I can;t get Accelerator to work when I tick it in my Policy; here is my setup.


1 x Master Server -  Windows 2008 R2  (Virtual Machine on Vmware)

2 x Physical Media Servers - Windows 2008 R2

1 x HP 6200 StoreOnce

I have installed the OST plugin 3.1.2 onto the media servers, and I have applied the latest device mapping (1.124) onto the Media and Master Server; the firmware on the B6200 StoreOne is 3.12.

According to all the documentation I have read, the combination of OST 3.1.2, the new device mapping, and the B6200 firmware being at 3.12 should allow me to use Accelerator in my backup policy.

I have set up a catalysts store on the B6200, and had added it as a Storage Server, backup to this works as expected, but its when I click Use Accelerator that it doesn't like, and I get the following pop up message

The pop up sees the StoreOnce (DST00012A etc), but it fails to let me use it.

Any ideas ?






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could show us the output of below command

bpstulist -label NBU_Wyn1_Backup_SUnit -L


and by any chage..Does the Schedule in the policy selected with any other stroage unit.

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Hi RamNagalla, the output from the file is

Label:                NBU_Wyn1_Backup_SUnit
Storage Unit Type:    Disk
Media Subtype:        DiskPool (6)
Host Connection:
Host Connection:
Concurrent Jobs:      16
On Demand Only:       yes
Robot Type:           (not robotic)
Max Fragment Size:    524288
Max MPX:              1
Block Sharing:        no
File System Export:   no
Ok On Root:           no
Disk Pool:            NBU_Wyn1_Backup
Snapshots:            no
Replication Primary:  no
Replication Source:   no
Replication Target:   no
Mirror            :   no
Independent       :   no

I had to change the domain name to "xxxxx" as I am not allowed to send that out.

I have only just set this up, no other storage unit is selected.


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Can you give the output of the disk pool configuration?


nbdevquery -listdp -dp NBU_Wyn1_Backup -stype <storageservertype>

To get storage server type exactly, it would be listed under the storage server name from the following command:

nbdevquery -liststs