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Need Assistance with OCA SQL Customer Query Setup

Level 1

HI All,

Could you please help me with my query on NetBackup OCA  in setting  SQL query.

We have a hosted platform with shared OCA for Multiple Master servers, The report which i set up has been querying all the master servers, If I need only one master server to be queried for the report.. what attribute needs to be amended.


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In the first setup page of a report in OpsCenter, named "Select Parameters", is there not an option to select which Master Server(s) to report against ?

Show us a scren shot of your report definition in OpsCenter ?

Level 6

There is no atribute as such. 

How you specify and restrict your report to a particular master server will in part depend on what you are reporting against. It will be one additional part of the query where you select which data to report against. Most tables have a masterServerID parameter, and this references the domain_MasterServer table (where a network or friendly name for the master servers is also stored).

As you have already created a SQL report, you should be able to incorporate this information into your query (I assume you have downloaded the OpsCenter schema document?). 

If you are still having issues - share the SQL report and we can suggest ways to restrict the output to a particular master.