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NetBackup Client agent for HP-UX 11.31 PA-RISC

Level 4


We have some HP-UX PA_RISC 11.31 clients, and we need integrate with our NetBackup 10.x infrastructure with SAN Clients, please your help with recomendations about this issue, we don't known if we need deploy a media server on other version (for example, 8.1.2, that support 7.6, 7.6.0.x,7.6.1,7.6.1.x, 7.7, 7.7.1, 7.7.2, 7.7.3, 8.0, 8.1, 8.1.1, 8.1.2 agent client versions).

Please your help.



Level 6

Hi @rafanto 

From memory, HU-UX PA_RISC was last supported as a client on NetBackup 7.6 (not sure about sub-versions). As long as you are only running standard backups to your current infrastructure this should work (it certainly isn't  a supported configuration). 

As for enabling SAN client on the HP-UX servers (if that is also the ask), you could try, you could also build a 8.1.2 media server as suggested as the FT media server to support these (8.1.2 being the highest version to support a 7.6 client - not withstanding the 10.x master). 

If all this fails, then another option would be to NFS mount the file systems to be backed up on a media server and back it up from there (with accelerator, other than the first backup it shouldn't be too painful). And the bonus is you don't have to find and install a client on the HP-UX systems.

With NetBackup 10 and using Universal shares (on MSDP), you may also be able to mount the US from a media server to the HP-UX system and write directly to the backup storage (NFS version interopability may be a problem though). Again, no client is required on the HP-UX system.




Thank you very much for your answers, they are very valuable.

Indeed, the last version that PA-RISC supports is and according to the compatibility matrix, the media server that supports this agent is version 8.1.2, but we don't know if it is a Primary Server (or Master Server) 10.1. 1 is going to accept (and open the filesystem) a client with an agent, we are going to carry out that test, although you comment that the version of the Primary Server would not matter.

Backups are Standard, but we require them per SAN.

To give you more details, the infrastructure we have is a Flex Appliance 5250, so we are deploying instances: Primary Server, Media Servers and WORM, validating that their versions are compatible, the ideal would be to deploy a media server 8.1.2 instance but This version does not support (according to the matrices) a FlexOS 3.x, so our test would be to deploy a 9.1 media server instance that supports it (and has WORM) and "test" again if it accepts a client.

If this doesn't work, we are looking at creating an external 8.1.2 media server (BYO) with a temporary MSDP and enabling FTMS to run the backups and integrate it with the 10.1.1 Primary Server (i.e. create a separate infrastructure to serve this platform outdated HP-UX) and then duplicate the backup images to WORM storage via SLP.

The last option, through Universal Shares, I understand, could it be the last option? but the only drawback could be the compatibility of the NFS versions and it could not run backup by SAN either, but in the end, it could be the most practical option.

Thanks again and waiting for your comments.