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NetBackup Services alerts

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Hello Team

In My environment windows side they are monitoring the netbackup services using "Tivoli monitoring services" tool

as per client requirement, but daily we are receiving the services restart alerts daily (same service alerts).

below is the services we are getting alerts,Kindly let us know how to avoid the issue.


NetBackup Audit Manager
NetBackup Event Manager
NetBackup Job Manager
NetBackup Policy Execution Manager
NetBackup Request Daemon
NetBackup Resource Broker
NetBackup Key Management
NetBackup Bare Metal Restore Master Server
NetBackup Vault Manager
NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Manager
NetBackup Indexing Manager
NetBackup Remote Manager
NetBackup Service Monitor
NetBackup Service Layer
NetBackup Device Manager
NetBackup CloudStore Service Container
NetBackup Compatibility Service
NetBackup Database Manager
NetBackup Authentication
NetBackup Agent Request Server



Please check eventviewer on your windows box and see for the similar events about NetBackup service restart. If it's relevant then something is causing the restart of the service, may be script or something else. 

Is this affecting your backup? Do you see any backup failures? If you are not finding anything then this could be false alert from the Tivoli manager.

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Restart alerts? 

NBU is not doing that by itself.

We have seen that McAfee AntiVirus will stop NBU Services and that Windows Services manager will then try to restart services.

Are alerts/notifications for a master or media server?

Are you using features like Vault, Bare Metal restore, KMS, NBAC, Authentication, etc?

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You did not mention what NBU role is this server?  Master server, media server or just a client? I am guessing it's  either a master or media server, judging from those services being installed.

If a master server, alerts saying those services restarting is not a good sign - either your netbackup is having issue or that monitoring tool is giving you false alert

If a media server, you can simply ignore them because those services are not used in a media server - you don't need them to be started. Best is to configure monitoring tool to exclude them.

Tivoli... hmm, sound like IBM backup software, do they really work well with Veritas products? :) 


yes, this is master server.

 when we checked in eventvwr i can see the services are restarting but it's shows alert status is informational.

but backup's are running withot fail, all backups are running successfully completed.

please suggest me how we stop this alerts. 

Do be aware some Netbackup services is set to automatic, but stop if the function is not configured/implemented.

Bare Metal Restore and Key Management is two of those.

Personally I prefer to set that kind of services to disabled.

This of course does not explain why the services restart.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

Hello Michael

thanks for replay.

you are suggesting disable the services which are in not use, so hear is my quation how can i find out which services are not in use which are in use.

kindly suggest me than i'll proceed further.

and also please let me know where i need to check  thease: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue




Other than the manuals and logs, you best bet is your configuration/setup document.

Or you can disable all stopped services and see if you are missing any functions in Netbackup.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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most of services above are crucial for Master Server functionality, so disabling some /all of them is not a solution.

I also doubt that their restart did not influence backup completions status - with an exception that their restart occurs in a non-backups time window.

Other monitored OS parameters for this Master are ok? I mean - ping, free disk space, memory, utlilization, etc.

Check this issue also with IBM support.