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Netbackup 6.5.2 resetting EMMServer configuration ?

Level 2

I've found an issue with one of our backup environments this week.


We are running Veritas Netbackup v6.5.2  on a Windows 2000 server. This is the master server for the environment, and to my awareness provides all the roles, including the media manager.

Previously our EMMServer was set to a central media management server hosted by our data centre provider.

We made some changes some time back, and now run the media manager server ourselves.


On Tuesday, the EMM Server configuration (hklm\software\veritas\netbackup\currentversion\config\emmserver was found to be pointing back to TheOldEMMServer, rather than our internal, locahost server, so everything was failing.

We reset the registry key, restarted the server, and everything went according to plan again.


This morning, the same problem occured. hklm\software\veritas\netbackup\currentversion

config\emmserver was reset to TheOldEMMServe.

(Obviously, the server name has been changed..)


A human operator has not, and would not, have changed this configuration item. The server has not rebooted since Tuesday when we reapplied the change.


This is obviously causing us (and our clients) huge issues, and we need to resolve it ASAP.


Any thoughts or suggestions on where we could start looking ?


Level 6
Did u try updating by nbemmcmd  command ?