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Netbackup 6.5.6 restore fails with error 5

Level 4

Hi All,

I have netbackup environment with NBU 6.5.6 running master server on Solaris OS 5.9 and media server on Solaris 5.10.

I have restore jobs failing with error 5 for windows client (as i tried on windows only) but when I create "tar" logs. I can see the EXIT STATUS = 0 and restore completed successfully in logs. Is it a bug of some kind.

Please help its urgent, soon I will be upgrading the environment but for time being let me know the solution of it. Thanks.......


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Can you tell if the restore did actually work? Have all files been restored successfully?

As well as the tar log on the client setup the bpcd log and on the media server setup bpcd and bptm logs

Try the restore again and then post your findings and the logs again so that we can take a look

I have not seen that error for a standard windows file restore if it did actually work - please also post the full details of the restore job log

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Please show us the restore progress log (contents of 'View status' or 'Task progress' tab).

In addtion to the logs that Mark requested, create bpbrm folder on media server as well.