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Netbackup client software installation

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Hi Everyone 

I am very new to this Veritas NetBackup technology and trying to understand how this backup thing works . I just installed Linux based Netbackup 5250 ( 4.0 version ) hardware server in our environment. Master and Media are on single server. I am accessing this hardware server by installing Java Remote Console software (  on my windows laptop. I have to take backups of some of our Linux based VMs on that hardware 5250. Can someone please tell me if I have to install any client Netbackup client software on all of these Linux based VMs ? as right now when I tried to select the client in a backup policy ,  it shows me no option and I am seeing only my laptop so I am wandering if i have to install any Netbackup client software on all these VM machines in order to make them connect to my hardware 5250 Veritas device so that I can select the respective machine and their respective directories of whom i want to take backup ? 




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follow the guidelines in NetBackup for VMware Admin Guides, these docs are publicly googleable/available. Simple answer is that you dont need backup SW within VMs, but there are some exceptions, like VMs with backed up DBs.

I also recommend you to take some basic training, self-study is not an optimal approach for NetBackup.




You do not "have" to install the NBU client software on each vm host but for the typical file level recovery/restore for a vm, you will need the client piece installed. Add the linux vm host name to a dummy backup policy, ftp the client s/w bundle over to the linux vm that you are going to install the s/w on, gunzip the bundle, then untar the gunzipped tarball (tar xvf bundle_name.tar), then cd into the newly created folder of the client software and be logged on as root when doing all this, execute the install script (ie ./install) and take the defaults.

That's the "short list" of getting this going for you as there are several things that may need to be checked/done to get this to 100% done for you, but this is a great start.